jivesearch: github.com/jivesearch/jivesearch


bangsPackage bangs provides functionality to query other websites
configPackage config handles configuration settings
frontendPackage frontend provides the routing and middleware for the web app
frontend/cachePackage cache provides simple caching mechanisms
frontend/cmdCommand frontend demonstrates how to run the web app
instantPackage instant provides instant answers
instant/breachPackage breach checks for data breaches for a given account
instant/congressPackage congress retrieves members of the United States Congress
instant/currencyPackage currency fetches foreign exchange quotes
instant/discographyPackage discography fetches artist discography
instant/econ/gdpPackage gdp retrieves gdp data
instant/econ/populationPackage population retrieves population data
instant/locationPackage location fetches geolocation data
instant/nutritionPackage nutrition provides food nutrition information
instant/parcelPackage parcel shows package status for UPS, Fedex and others
instant/shortenerPackage shortener shortens urls
instant/stackoverflowPackage stackoverflow fetches stackoverflow data
instant/statusPackage status checks if a website is down
instant/stockPackage stock fetches stock quote data
instant/timezonePackage timezone retrieves timezone info from lat/lon coordinates
instant/weatherPackage weather fetches weather data
instant/whoisPackage whois fetchers WHOIS information for a domain
instant/wikipediaPackage wikipedia fetches Wikipedia articles
logPackage log handles logging for the crawler and frontend
searchPackage search provides the core search results.
search/crawlerPackage crawler is a distributed web crawler.
search/crawler/cmdCommand crawler demonstrates how to run the crawler
search/crawler/queuePackage queue manages the queue for a distributed crawler
search/crawler/robotsPackage robots handles caching robots.txt files
search/documentPackage document parses URLs and the HTML of a webpage
suggestPackage suggest handles AutoComplete and Phrase Suggester (Did you mean?) queries

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