api/v1Package v1 provides routing and endpoints for the Custom Pod Autoscaler HTTP REST API version 1.
autoscalerPackage autoscaler provides methods for scaling a resource - by triggering metric gathering, feeding these metrics to an evaluation and using this evaluation to scale the resource.
cmd/custom-pod-autoscalerCustom Pod Autoscaler is the core program that runs inside a Custom Pod Autoscaler Image.
configPackage config handles parsing YAML and environment variable input into a Custom Pod Autoscaler configuration file.
evaluatePackage evaluate provides functionality for managing evaluating, calling external evaluation logic through shell commands with relevant data piped to them.
executePackage execute abstracts methods, providing a standardised way to trigger methods and provide values
execute/shellPackage shell handles interactions with the OS shell
fakePackage fake provides stubs for testing relevant to the Custom Pod Autoscaler packages
metricPackage metric provides functionality for managing gathering metrics, calling external metric gathering logic through shell commands with relevant data piped to them.
scalePackage scale abstracts interactions with the Kubernetes scale API, providing a consistent way to scale resources that are supported by the Custom Pod Autoscaler.

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