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package autoscaler

import ""

Package autoscaler provides methods for scaling a resource - by triggering metric gathering, feeding these metrics to an evaluation and using this evaluation to scale the resource.


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const RunType = "scaler"

RunType autoscaler marks the metric gathering/evaluation as running during a scale

type Scaler Uses

type Scaler struct {
    Scaler          scale.Scaler
    Client          resourceclient.Client
    Config          *config.Config
    GetMetricer     metric.GetMetricer
    GetEvaluationer evaluate.GetEvaluationer

Scaler handles scaling up/down the resource being managed; triggering metric gathering and feeding an evaluator these metrics, before taking the results and using them to interact with Kubernetes to scale up/down

func (*Scaler) Scale Uses

func (s *Scaler) Scale() error

Scale gets the managed resource, gathers metrics, evaluates these metrics and finally if a change is required then it scales the resource

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