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package metric

import ""

Package metric provides functionality for managing gathering metrics, calling external metric gathering logic through shell commands with relevant data piped to them.


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type Gatherer Uses

type Gatherer struct {
    Clientset kubernetes.Interface
    Config    *config.Config
    Execute   execute.Executer

Gatherer handles triggering the metric gathering logic to gather metrics for a resource

func (*Gatherer) GetMetrics Uses

func (m *Gatherer) GetMetrics(spec Spec) ([]*Metric, error)

GetMetrics gathers metrics for the resource supplied

type GetMetricer Uses

type GetMetricer interface {
    GetMetrics(spec Spec) ([]*Metric, error)

GetMetricer provides methods for retrieving metrics

type Metric Uses

type Metric struct {
    Resource string `json:"resource,omitempty"`
    Value    string `json:"value,omitempty"`

Metric is the result of the custom metric calculation, containing information on the relevant resource and the metric value

type Spec Uses

type Spec struct {
    Resource metav1.Object `json:"resource"`
    Metrics  *[]*Metric    `json:"metrics,omitempty"`
    RunType  string        `json:"runType"`

Spec defines information fed into a gatherer to retrieve metrics, contains an optional field 'Metrics' for storing the result

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