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charmbits/elasticsearchrelationThe elasticsearchrelation package implements a Juju elasticsearch relation.
charmbits/httprelationThe httprelation package can be used in a charm that uses a relation with interface type "http".
charmbits/httpserviceThe httpservice package provides a way to run a simple HTTP server service as a charm.
charmbits/mongodbrelationThe mongodbrelation package implements a Juju mongodb relation.
charmbits/serviceThe service packge provides a way for a charm to start and stop a service that runs independently of the charm hooks.
charmbits/simplerelationThe simplerelation package implements a generic simple relation where the provider units each make a set of attributes available, and the requirer units can see those attributes.
cmd/gocharmGocharm processes a Go package ("." by default) and installs it as a Juju charm.
deployPackage deploy implements functionality for building and deploying Go charms.
example-charms/concatThe concat package implements a charm that takes all the string values from units on upstream relations, concatenates them and makes them available to downstream relations.
example-charms/do-nothingPackage do-nothing implements the simplest possible Go charm.
example-charms/helloworldThe helloworld package implements an example charm that exposes an HTTP service that returns "hello, world" from every endpoint.
example-charms/helloworld-configurableThe helloworld-configurable package implements an example charm similar to http://godoc.org/github.com/juju/gocharm/example-charms/helloworld but which allows the message to be configured, demonstrating how changing configuration options can affect a running service.
example-charms/mongodbclientThe mongodbclient package implements an example charm that acts as the client of the mongodb charm.
hookThe hook package provides a Go interface to the Juju charm hook commands.
hook/hooktestPackage hooktest contains utilities for testing gocharm hooks.

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