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package action

import "github.com/juju/juju/api/action"


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client.go pruner.go run.go

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client provides access to the action facade.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(st base.APICallCloser) *Client

NewClient returns a new actions client.

func (*Client) Actions Uses

func (c *Client) Actions(arg params.Entities) (params.ActionResults, error)

Actions takes a list of ActionTags, and returns the full Action for each ID.

func (*Client) ApplicationCharmActions Uses

func (c *Client) ApplicationCharmActions(arg params.Entity) (map[string]params.ActionSpec, error)

ApplicationCharmActions is a single query which uses ApplicationsCharmsActions to get the charm.Actions for a single Application by tag.

func (*Client) Cancel Uses

func (c *Client) Cancel(arg params.Entities) (params.ActionResults, error)

Cancel attempts to cancel a queued up Action from running.

func (*Client) Enqueue Uses

func (c *Client) Enqueue(arg params.Actions) (params.ActionResults, error)

Enqueue takes a list of Actions and queues them up to be executed by the designated ActionReceiver, returning the params.Action for each queued Action, or an error if there was a problem queueing up the Action.

func (*Client) FindActionTagsByPrefix Uses

func (c *Client) FindActionTagsByPrefix(arg params.FindTags) (params.FindTagsResults, error)

FindActionTagsByPrefix takes a list of string prefixes and finds corresponding ActionTags that match that prefix.

func (*Client) FindActionsByNames Uses

func (c *Client) FindActionsByNames(arg params.FindActionsByNames) (params.ActionsByNames, error)

FindActionsByNames takes a list of action names and returns actions for every name.

func (*Client) ListAll Uses

func (c *Client) ListAll(arg params.Entities) (params.ActionsByReceivers, error)

ListAll takes a list of Entities representing ActionReceivers and returns all of the Actions that have been queued or run by each of those Entities.

func (*Client) ListCompleted Uses

func (c *Client) ListCompleted(arg params.Entities) (params.ActionsByReceivers, error)

ListCompleted takes a list of Entities representing ActionReceivers and returns all of the Actions that have been run on each of those Entities.

func (*Client) ListPending Uses

func (c *Client) ListPending(arg params.Entities) (params.ActionsByReceivers, error)

ListPending takes a list of Entities representing ActionReceivers and returns all of the Actions that are queued for each of those Entities.

func (*Client) Run Uses

func (c *Client) Run(run params.RunParams) ([]params.ActionResult, error)

Run the Commands specified on the machines identified through the ids provided in the machines, applications and units slices.

func (*Client) RunOnAllMachines Uses

func (c *Client) RunOnAllMachines(commands string, timeout time.Duration) ([]params.ActionResult, error)

RunOnAllMachines runs the command on all the machines with the specified timeout.

func (*Client) Tasks Uses

func (c *Client) Tasks(arg params.TaskQueryArgs) (params.ActionResults, error)

Tasks fetches the called functions (actions) for specified apps/units.

func (*Client) WatchActionProgress Uses

func (c *Client) WatchActionProgress(actionId string) (watcher.StringsWatcher, error)

WatchActionProgress returns a watcher that reports on action log messages. The result strings are json formatted core.actions.ActionMessage objects.

type Facade Uses

type Facade struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Facade allows calls to "ActionPruner" endpoints

func NewFacade Uses

func NewFacade(caller base.APICaller) *Facade

NewFacade builds a facade for the action pruner endpoints

func (*Facade) Prune Uses

func (s *Facade) Prune(maxHistoryTime time.Duration, maxHistoryMB int) error

Prunes action entries by specified age and size

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