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package authentication

import "github.com/juju/juju/api/authentication"


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func NewInteractor Uses

func NewInteractor(username string, getPassword func(string) (string, error)) httpbakery.Interactor

NewInteractor returns a new Interactor.

type Interactor Uses

type Interactor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Visitor is a httpbakery.Visitor that will login directly to the Juju controller using password authentication. This only applies when logging in as a local user.

func (Interactor) Interact Uses

func (i Interactor) Interact(ctx context.Context, client *httpbakery.Client, location string, interactionRequiredErr *httpbakery.Error) (*httpbakery.DischargeToken, error)

Interact implements httpbakery.Interactor for the Interactor.

func (Interactor) Kind Uses

func (i Interactor) Kind() string

Kind implements httpbakery.Interactor.Kind.

func (*Interactor) LegacyInteract Uses

func (i *Interactor) LegacyInteract(ctx context.Context, client *httpbakery.Client, location string, methodURL *url.URL) error

LegacyInteract implements httpbakery.LegacyInteractor for the Interactor.

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