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package instancepoller

import "github.com/juju/juju/api/instancepoller"


Package Files

instancepoller.go machine.go

type API Uses

type API struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

API provides access to the InstancePoller API facade.

func NewAPI Uses

func NewAPI(caller base.APICaller) *API

NewAPI creates a new client-side InstancePoller facade.

func (*API) Machine Uses

func (api *API) Machine(tag names.MachineTag) (*Machine, error)

Machine provides access to methods of a state.Machine through the facade.

func (*API) WatchModelMachines Uses

func (api *API) WatchModelMachines() (watcher.StringsWatcher, error)

WatchModelMachines returns a StringsWatcher reporting changes to the machine life or agent start timestamps.

type Machine Uses

type Machine struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Machine represents a juju machine as seen by an instancepoller worker.

func (*Machine) Id Uses

func (m *Machine) Id() string

Id returns the machine's id.

func (*Machine) InstanceId Uses

func (m *Machine) InstanceId() (instance.Id, error)

InstanceId returns the machine's instance id.

func (*Machine) InstanceStatus Uses

func (m *Machine) InstanceStatus() (params.StatusResult, error)

InstanceStatus returns the machine's instance status.

func (*Machine) IsManual Uses

func (m *Machine) IsManual() (bool, error)

IsManual returns whether the machine is manually provisioned.

func (*Machine) Life Uses

func (m *Machine) Life() life.Value

Life returns the machine's lifecycle value.

func (*Machine) Refresh Uses

func (m *Machine) Refresh() error

Refresh updates the cached local copy of the machine's data.

func (*Machine) SetInstanceStatus Uses

func (m *Machine) SetInstanceStatus(status status.Status, message string, data map[string]interface{}) error

SetInstanceStatus sets the instance status of the machine.

func (*Machine) SetProviderNetworkConfig Uses

func (m *Machine) SetProviderNetworkConfig(ifList network.InterfaceInfos) (network.ProviderAddresses, bool, error)

SetProviderNetworkConfig updates the provider addresses for this machine.

func (*Machine) Status Uses

func (m *Machine) Status() (params.StatusResult, error)

Status returns the machine status.

func (*Machine) String Uses

func (m *Machine) String() string

String returns the machine as a string.

func (*Machine) Tag Uses

func (m *Machine) Tag() names.MachineTag

Tag returns the machine's tag.

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