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package subnets

import "github.com/juju/juju/api/subnets"


Package Files


type API Uses

type API struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

API provides access to the Subnets API facade.

func NewAPI Uses

func NewAPI(caller base.APICallCloser) *API

NewAPI creates a new client-side Subnets facade.

func (*API) AddSubnet Uses

func (api *API) AddSubnet(cidr string, providerId network.Id, space names.SpaceTag, zones []string) error

AddSubnet adds an existing subnet to the model.

func (*API) CreateSubnet Uses

func (api *API) CreateSubnet(subnet names.SubnetTag, space names.SpaceTag, zones []string, isPublic bool) error

CreateSubnet creates a new subnet with the provider.

func (*API) ListSubnets Uses

func (api *API) ListSubnets(spaceTag *names.SpaceTag, zone string) ([]params.Subnet, error)

ListSubnets fetches all the subnets known by the model.

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