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package fanconfigurer

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/agent/fanconfigurer"

Copyright 2017 Canonical Ltd. Licensed under the AGPLv3, see LICENCE file for details.


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type FanConfigurer Uses

type FanConfigurer interface {
    WatchForFanConfigChanges() (params.NotifyWatchResult, error)
    FanConfig() (params.FanConfigResult, error)

FanConfigurer defines the methods on fanconfigurer API endpoint.

type FanConfigurerAPI Uses

type FanConfigurerAPI struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFanConfigurerAPI Uses

func NewFanConfigurerAPI(st *state.State, resources facade.Resources, authorizer facade.Authorizer) (*FanConfigurerAPI, error)

NewFanConfigurerAPI creates a new FanConfigurer API endpoint on server-side.

func NewFanConfigurerAPIForModel Uses

func NewFanConfigurerAPIForModel(model state.ModelAccessor, resources facade.Resources, authorizer facade.Authorizer) (*FanConfigurerAPI, error)

func (*FanConfigurerAPI) FanConfig Uses

func (m *FanConfigurerAPI) FanConfig() (params.FanConfigResult, error)

FanConfig returns current FAN configuration.

func (*FanConfigurerAPI) WatchForFanConfigChanges Uses

func (m *FanConfigurerAPI) WatchForFanConfigChanges() (params.NotifyWatchResult, error)

WatchForFanConfigChanges returns a NotifyWatcher that observes changes to the FAN configuration. so we use the regular error return. TODO(wpk) 2017-09-21 We should use Model directly, and watch only for FanConfig changes.

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