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package charms

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/client/charms"


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type API Uses

type API struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

API implements the charms interface and is the concrete implementation of the API end point.

func NewFacade Uses

func NewFacade(ctx facade.Context) (*API, error)

NewFacade provides the signature required for facade registration.

func (*API) CharmInfo Uses

func (a *API) CharmInfo(args params.CharmURL) (params.Charm, error)

CharmInfo returns information about the requested charm. NOTE: thumper 2016-06-29, this is not a bulk call and probably should be.

func (*API) IsMetered Uses

func (a *API) IsMetered(args params.CharmURL) (params.IsMeteredResult, error)

IsMetered returns whether or not the charm is metered.

func (*API) List Uses

func (a *API) List(args params.CharmsList) (params.CharmsListResult, error)

List returns a list of charm URLs currently in the state. If supplied parameter contains any names, the result will be filtered to return only the charms with supplied names.

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