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package firewallrules

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/client/firewallrules"


Package Files

backend.go firewallrules.go

type API Uses

type API struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

API provides the firewallrules facade APIs for v1.

func NewAPI Uses

func NewAPI(
    backend Backend,
    authorizer facade.Authorizer,
    blockChecker BlockChecker,
) (*API, error)

NewAPI returns a new firewallrules API facade.

func NewFacade Uses

func NewFacade(ctx facade.Context) (*API, error)

NewFacade provides the signature required for facade registration.

func (*API) ListFirewallRules Uses

func (api *API) ListFirewallRules() (params.ListFirewallRulesResults, error)

ListFirewallRules returns all the firewall rules.

func (*API) SetFirewallRules Uses

func (api *API) SetFirewallRules(args params.FirewallRuleArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

SetFirewallRules creates or updates the specified firewall rules.

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    ModelTag() names.ModelTag
    SaveFirewallRule(state.FirewallRule) error
    ListFirewallRules() ([]*state.FirewallRule, error)

Backend defines the state functionality required by the firewallrules facade. For details on the methods, see the methods on state.State with the same names.

func NewStateBackend Uses

func NewStateBackend(st *state.State) (Backend, error)

NewStateBackend converts a state.State into a Backend.

type BlockChecker Uses

type BlockChecker interface {
    ChangeAllowed() error

BlockChecker defines the block-checking functionality required by the firewallrules facade. This is implemented by apiserver/common.BlockChecker.

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