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package machinemanager

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/client/machinemanager"


Package Files

instance_information.go machinemanager.go state.go

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {

    Machine(string) (Machine, error)
    Model() (Model, error)
    GetBlockForType(t state.BlockType) (state.Block, bool, error)
    AddOneMachine(template state.MachineTemplate) (*state.Machine, error)
    AddMachineInsideNewMachine(template, parentTemplate state.MachineTemplate, containerType instance.ContainerType) (*state.Machine, error)
    AddMachineInsideMachine(template state.MachineTemplate, parentId string, containerType instance.ContainerType) (*state.Machine, error)

type Leadership Uses

type Leadership interface {
    // GetMachineApplicationNames returns the applications associated with a
    // machine.
    GetMachineApplicationNames(string) ([]string, error)

    // UnpinApplicationLeadersByName takes a slice of application names and
    // attempts to unpin them accordingly.
    UnpinApplicationLeadersByName(names.Tag, []string) (params.PinApplicationsResults, error)

Leadership represents a type for modifying the leadership settings of an application for series upgrades.

type Machine Uses

type Machine interface {
    Id() string
    Destroy() error
    ForceDestroy(time.Duration) error
    Series() string
    Units() ([]Unit, error)
    SetKeepInstance(keepInstance bool) error
    CreateUpgradeSeriesLock([]string, string) error
    RemoveUpgradeSeriesLock() error
    CompleteUpgradeSeries() error
    VerifyUnitsSeries(unitNames []string, series string, force bool) ([]Unit, error)
    Principals() []string
    WatchUpgradeSeriesNotifications() (state.NotifyWatcher, error)
    GetUpgradeSeriesMessages() ([]string, bool, error)
    IsManager() bool
    IsLockedForSeriesUpgrade() (bool, error)
    UpgradeSeriesStatus() (model.UpgradeSeriesStatus, error)

type MachineManagerAPI Uses

type MachineManagerAPI struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MachineManagerAPI provides access to the MachineManager API facade.

func NewFacade Uses

func NewFacade(ctx facade.Context) (*MachineManagerAPI, error)

NewFacade create a new server-side MachineManager API facade. This is used for facade registration.

func NewMachineManagerAPI Uses

func NewMachineManagerAPI(
    backend Backend,
    storageAccess storageInterface,
    pool Pool,
    auth facade.Authorizer,
    modelTag names.ModelTag,
    callCtx context.ProviderCallContext,
    resources facade.Resources,
    leadership Leadership,
) (*MachineManagerAPI, error)

NewMachineManagerAPI creates a new server-side MachineManager API facade.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) AddMachines Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) AddMachines(args params.AddMachines) (params.AddMachinesResults, error)

AddMachines adds new machines with the supplied parameters.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) DestroyMachine Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) DestroyMachine(args params.Entities) (params.DestroyMachineResults, error)

DestroyMachine removes a set of machines from the model.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) DestroyMachineWithParams Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) DestroyMachineWithParams(args params.DestroyMachinesParams) (params.DestroyMachineResults, error)

DestroyMachineWithParams removes a set of machines from the model.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) ForceDestroyMachine Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) ForceDestroyMachine(args params.Entities) (params.DestroyMachineResults, error)

ForceDestroyMachine forcibly removes a set of machines from the model. TODO (anastasiamac 2019-4-24) From Juju 3.0 this call will be removed in favour of DestroyMachinesWithParams. Also from ModelManger v6 this call is less useful as it does not support MaxWait customisation.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) GetUpgradeSeriesMessages Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) GetUpgradeSeriesMessages(args params.UpgradeSeriesNotificationParams) (params.StringsResults, error)

GetUpgradeSeriesMessages returns all new messages associated with upgrade series events. Messages that have already been retrieved once are not returned by this method.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) InstanceTypes Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) InstanceTypes(cons params.ModelInstanceTypesConstraints) (params.InstanceTypesResults, error)

InstanceTypes returns instance type information for the cloud and region in which the current model is deployed.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) UpgradeSeriesComplete Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) UpgradeSeriesComplete(args params.UpdateSeriesArg) (params.ErrorResult, error)

UpgradeSeriesComplete marks a machine as having completed a managed series upgrade.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) UpgradeSeriesPrepare Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) UpgradeSeriesPrepare(args params.UpdateSeriesArg) (params.ErrorResult, error)

UpgradeSeriesPrepare prepares a machine for a OS series upgrade.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) UpgradeSeriesValidate Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) UpgradeSeriesValidate(
    args params.UpdateSeriesArgs,
) (params.UpgradeSeriesUnitsResults, error)

UpgradeSeriesValidate validates that the incoming arguments correspond to a valid series upgrade for the target machine. If they do, a list of the machine's current units is returned for use in soliciting user confirmation of the command.

func (*MachineManagerAPI) WatchUpgradeSeriesNotifications Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPI) WatchUpgradeSeriesNotifications(args params.Entities) (params.NotifyWatchResults, error)

WatchUpgradeSeriesNotifications returns a watcher that fires on upgrade series events.

type MachineManagerAPIV4 Uses

type MachineManagerAPIV4 struct {

Version 4 of MachineManagerAPI

func NewFacadeV4 Uses

func NewFacadeV4(ctx facade.Context) (*MachineManagerAPIV4, error)

NewFacadeV4 creates a new server-side MachineManager API facade.

func (*MachineManagerAPIV4) UpdateMachineSeries Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPIV4) UpdateMachineSeries(_ params.UpdateSeriesArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

DEPRECATED: UpdateMachineSeries returns an error.

type MachineManagerAPIV5 Uses

type MachineManagerAPIV5 struct {

Version 5 of Machine Manager API. Adds CreateUpgradeSeriesLock and removes UpdateMachineSeries.

func NewFacadeV5 Uses

func NewFacadeV5(ctx facade.Context) (*MachineManagerAPIV5, error)

NewFacadeV5 creates a new server-side MachineManager API facade.

func (*MachineManagerAPIV5) DestroyMachineWithParams Uses

func (mm *MachineManagerAPIV5) DestroyMachineWithParams(args params.DestroyMachinesParams) (params.DestroyMachineResults, error)

DestroyMachineWithParams removes a set of machines from the model. v5 and prior versions did not support MaxWait.

type MachineManagerAPIV6 Uses

type MachineManagerAPIV6 struct {

Version 6 of Machine Manager API. Changes input parameters to DestroyMachineWithParams and ForceDestroyMachine.

func NewFacadeV6 Uses

func NewFacadeV6(ctx facade.Context) (*MachineManagerAPIV6, error)

NewFacadeV6 creates a new server-side MachineManager API facade.

type Model Uses

type Model interface {
    Name() string
    UUID() string
    Cloud() (cloud.Cloud, error)
    CloudCredential() (state.Credential, bool, error)
    CloudRegion() string
    Config() (*config.Config, error)

type Pool Uses

type Pool interface {
    GetModel(string) (Model, func(), error)

type Unit Uses

type Unit interface {
    UnitTag() names.UnitTag
    Name() string
    AgentStatus() (status.StatusInfo, error)
    Status() (status.StatusInfo, error)


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