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package caasunitprovisioner

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/controller/caasunitprovisioner"


Package Files

provisioner.go state.go

type Application Uses

type Application interface {
    GetScale() int
    SetScale(int, int64, bool) error
    WatchScale() state.NotifyWatcher
    ApplicationConfig() (application.ConfigAttributes, error)
    AllUnits() (units []Unit, err error)
    AddOperation(state.UnitUpdateProperties) *state.AddUnitOperation
    UpdateUnits(*state.UpdateUnitsOperation) error
    UpdateCloudService(providerId string, addresses []network.SpaceAddress) error
    StorageConstraints() (map[string]state.StorageConstraints, error)
    DeviceConstraints() (map[string]state.DeviceConstraints, error)
    Life() state.Life
    Name() string
    Tag() names.Tag
    Constraints() (constraints.Value, error)
    GetPlacement() string
    SetOperatorStatus(sInfo status.StatusInfo) error
    SetStatus(statusInfo status.StatusInfo) error
    Charm() (Charm, bool, error)
    ClearResources() error
    CharmModifiedVersion() int

Application provides the subset of application state required by the CAAS unit provisioner facade.

type CAASUnitProvisionerState Uses

type CAASUnitProvisionerState interface {

    ControllerConfig() (controller.Config, error)
    Application(string) (Application, error)
    FindEntity(names.Tag) (state.Entity, error)
    Model() (Model, error)
    WatchApplications() state.StringsWatcher
    ResolveConstraints(cons constraints.Value) (constraints.Value, error)

CAASUnitProvisionerState provides the subset of global state required by the CAAS unit provisioner facade.

type Charm Uses

type Charm interface {
    Meta() *charm.Meta

type DeviceBackend Uses

type DeviceBackend interface {
    DeviceConstraints(id string) (map[string]state.DeviceConstraints, error)

DeviceBackend provides the subset of backend Device functionality required by the CAAS unit provisioner facade.

type Facade Uses

type Facade struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFacade Uses

func NewFacade(
    resources facade.Resources,
    authorizer facade.Authorizer,
    st CAASUnitProvisionerState,
    sb StorageBackend,
    db DeviceBackend,
    storagePoolManager poolmanager.PoolManager,
    registry storage.ProviderRegistry,
    clock clock.Clock,
) (*Facade, error)

NewFacade returns a new CAAS unit provisioner Facade facade.

func NewStateFacade Uses

func NewStateFacade(ctx facade.Context) (*Facade, error)

NewStateFacade provides the signature required for facade registration.

func (*Facade) ApplicationsConfig Uses

func (f *Facade) ApplicationsConfig(args params.Entities) (params.ApplicationGetConfigResults, error)

ApplicationsConfig returns the config for the specified applications.

func (*Facade) ApplicationsScale Uses

func (f *Facade) ApplicationsScale(args params.Entities) (params.IntResults, error)

ApplicationsScale returns the scaling info for specified applications in this model.

func (*Facade) ClearApplicationsResources Uses

func (a *Facade) ClearApplicationsResources(args params.Entities) (params.ErrorResults, error)

ClearApplicationsResources clears the flags which indicate applications still have resources in the cluster.

func (*Facade) DeploymentMode Uses

func (f *Facade) DeploymentMode(args params.Entities) (params.StringResults, error)

DeploymentMode returns the deployment mode of the given applications' charms.

func (*Facade) ProvisioningInfo Uses

func (f *Facade) ProvisioningInfo(args params.Entities) (params.KubernetesProvisioningInfoResults, error)

ProvisioningInfo returns the provisioning info for specified applications in this model.

func (*Facade) SetOperatorStatus Uses

func (a *Facade) SetOperatorStatus(args params.SetStatus) (params.ErrorResults, error)

SetOperatorStatus updates the operator status for each given application.

func (*Facade) UpdateApplicationsService Uses

func (a *Facade) UpdateApplicationsService(args params.UpdateApplicationServiceArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

UpdateApplicationsService updates the Juju data model to reflect the given service details of the specified application.

func (*Facade) UpdateApplicationsUnits Uses

func (a *Facade) UpdateApplicationsUnits(args params.UpdateApplicationUnitArgs) (params.UpdateApplicationUnitResults, error)

UpdateApplicationsUnits updates the Juju data model to reflect the given units of the specified application.

func (*Facade) WatchApplications Uses

func (f *Facade) WatchApplications() (params.StringsWatchResult, error)

WatchApplications starts a StringsWatcher to watch CAAS applications deployed to this model.

func (*Facade) WatchApplicationsScale Uses

func (f *Facade) WatchApplicationsScale(args params.Entities) (params.NotifyWatchResults, error)

WatchApplicationsScale starts a NotifyWatcher to watch changes to the applications' scale.

func (*Facade) WatchPodSpec Uses

func (f *Facade) WatchPodSpec(args params.Entities) (params.NotifyWatchResults, error)

WatchPodSpec starts a NotifyWatcher to watch changes to the pod spec for specified units in this model.

type Model Uses

type Model interface {
    ModelConfig() (*config.Config, error)
    PodSpec(tag names.ApplicationTag) (string, error)
    RawK8sSpec(tag names.ApplicationTag) (string, error)
    WatchPodSpec(tag names.ApplicationTag) (state.NotifyWatcher, error)
    Containers(providerIds ...string) ([]state.CloudContainer, error)

Model provides the subset of CAAS model state required by the CAAS unit provisioner facade.

type StorageBackend Uses

type StorageBackend interface {
    StorageInstance(names.StorageTag) (state.StorageInstance, error)
    Filesystem(names.FilesystemTag) (state.Filesystem, error)
    StorageInstanceFilesystem(names.StorageTag) (state.Filesystem, error)
    UnitStorageAttachments(unit names.UnitTag) ([]state.StorageAttachment, error)
    SetFilesystemInfo(names.FilesystemTag, state.FilesystemInfo) error
    SetFilesystemAttachmentInfo(names.Tag, names.FilesystemTag, state.FilesystemAttachmentInfo) error
    Volume(tag names.VolumeTag) (state.Volume, error)
    StorageInstanceVolume(tag names.StorageTag) (state.Volume, error)
    SetVolumeInfo(names.VolumeTag, state.VolumeInfo) error
    SetVolumeAttachmentInfo(names.Tag, names.VolumeTag, state.VolumeAttachmentInfo) error

    // These are for cleanup up orphaned filesystems when pods are recreated.
    // TODO(caas) - record unit id on the filesystem so we can query by unit
    AllFilesystems() ([]state.Filesystem, error)
    DestroyStorageInstance(tag names.StorageTag, destroyAttachments bool, force bool, maxWait time.Duration) (err error)
    DestroyFilesystem(tag names.FilesystemTag, force bool) (err error)

StorageBackend provides the subset of backend storage functionality required by the CAAS unit provisioner facade.

type Unit Uses

type Unit interface {
    Name() string
    Life() state.Life
    UnitTag() names.UnitTag
    ContainerInfo() (state.CloudContainer, error)
    AgentStatus() (status.StatusInfo, error)
    UpdateOperation(props state.UnitUpdateProperties) *state.UpdateUnitOperation
    DestroyOperation() *state.DestroyUnitOperation

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