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package testing

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/controller/charmrevisionupdater/testing"


Package Files


type CharmSuite Uses

type CharmSuite struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CharmSuite provides infrastructure to set up and perform tests associated with charm versioning. A testing charm store server is created and populated with some known charms used for testing.

func (*CharmSuite) AddCharmWithRevision Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) AddCharmWithRevision(c *gc.C, charmName string, rev int) *state.Charm

AddCharmWithRevision adds a charm with the specified revision to state.

func (*CharmSuite) AddMachine Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) AddMachine(c *gc.C, machineId string, job state.MachineJob)

AddMachine adds a new machine to state.

func (*CharmSuite) AddService Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) AddService(c *gc.C, charmName, serviceName string)

AddService adds a service for the specified charm to state.

func (*CharmSuite) AddUnit Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) AddUnit(c *gc.C, serviceName, machineId string)

AddUnit adds a new unit for application to the specified machine.

func (*CharmSuite) SetStoreError Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) SetStoreError(name string, err error)

func (*CharmSuite) SetUnitRevision Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) SetUnitRevision(c *gc.C, unitName string, rev int)

SetUnitRevision sets the unit's charm to the specified revision.

func (*CharmSuite) SetUpSuite Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) SetUpSuite(c *gc.C, jcSuite *jujutesting.JujuConnSuite)

func (*CharmSuite) SetUpTest Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) SetUpTest(c *gc.C)

func (*CharmSuite) SetupScenario Uses

func (s *CharmSuite) SetupScenario(c *gc.C)

SetupScenario adds some machines and services to state. It assumes a controller machine has already been created.

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