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package firewaller

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/controller/firewaller"


Package Files

firewaller.go state.go

func StateShim Uses

func StateShim(st *state.State, m *state.Model) stateShim

TODO(wallyworld) - for tests, remove when remaining firewaller tests become unit tests.

type FirewallerAPIV3 Uses

type FirewallerAPIV3 struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FirewallerAPIV3 provides access to the Firewaller v3 API facade.

func NewFirewallerAPI Uses

func NewFirewallerAPI(
    st State,
    resources facade.Resources,
    authorizer facade.Authorizer,
    cloudSpecAPI cloudspec.CloudSpecAPI,
) (*FirewallerAPIV3, error)

NewFirewallerAPI creates a new server-side FirewallerAPIV3 facade.

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV3 Uses

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV3(context facade.Context) (*FirewallerAPIV3, error)

NewStateFirewallerAPIV3 creates a new server-side FirewallerAPIV3 facade.

func (*FirewallerAPIV3) GetAssignedMachine Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV3) GetAssignedMachine(args params.Entities) (params.StringResults, error)

GetAssignedMachine returns the assigned machine tag (if any) for each given unit.

func (*FirewallerAPIV3) WatchOpenedPorts Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV3) WatchOpenedPorts(args params.Entities) (params.StringsWatchResults, error)

WatchOpenedPorts returns a new StringsWatcher for each given model tag.

type FirewallerAPIV4 Uses

type FirewallerAPIV4 struct {

FirewallerAPIV4 provides access to the Firewaller v4 API facade.

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV4 Uses

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV4(context facade.Context) (*FirewallerAPIV4, error)

NewStateFirewallerAPIV4 creates a new server-side FirewallerAPIV4 facade.

func (*FirewallerAPIV4) FirewallRules Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV4) FirewallRules(args params.KnownServiceArgs) (params.ListFirewallRulesResults, error)

FirewallRules returns the firewall rules for the specified well known service types.

func (*FirewallerAPIV4) MacaroonForRelations Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV4) MacaroonForRelations(args params.Entities) (params.MacaroonResults, error)

MacaroonForRelations returns the macaroon for the specified relations.

func (*FirewallerAPIV4) SetRelationsStatus Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV4) SetRelationsStatus(args params.SetStatus) (params.ErrorResults, error)

SetRelationsStatus sets the status for the specified relations.

func (*FirewallerAPIV4) WatchEgressAddressesForRelations Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV4) WatchEgressAddressesForRelations(relations params.Entities) (params.StringsWatchResults, error)

WatchEgressAddressesForRelations creates a watcher that notifies when addresses, from which connections will originate for the relation, change. Each event contains the entire set of addresses which are required for ingress for the relation.

func (*FirewallerAPIV4) WatchIngressAddressesForRelations Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV4) WatchIngressAddressesForRelations(relations params.Entities) (params.StringsWatchResults, error)

WatchIngressAddressesForRelations creates a watcher that returns the ingress networks that have been recorded against the specified relations.

type FirewallerAPIV5 Uses

type FirewallerAPIV5 struct {

FirewallerAPIV5 provides access to the Firewaller v5 API facade.

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV5 Uses

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV5(context facade.Context) (*FirewallerAPIV5, error)

NewStateFirewallerAPIV5 creates a new server-side FirewallerAPIV5 facade.

func (*FirewallerAPIV5) AreManuallyProvisioned Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV5) AreManuallyProvisioned(args params.Entities) (params.BoolResults, error)

AreManuallyProvisioned returns whether each given entity is manually provisioned or not. Only machine tags are accepted.

type FirewallerAPIV6 Uses

type FirewallerAPIV6 struct {

FirewallerAPIV6 provides access to the Firewaller v6 API facade.

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV6 Uses

func NewStateFirewallerAPIV6(context facade.Context) (*FirewallerAPIV6, error)

NewStateFirewallerAPIV5 creates a new server-side FirewallerAPIV6 facade.

func (*FirewallerAPIV6) GetExposeInfo Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV6) GetExposeInfo(args params.Entities) (params.ExposeInfoResults, error)

GetExposeInfo returns the expose flag and per-endpoint expose settings for the specified applications.

func (*FirewallerAPIV6) OpenedMachinePortRanges Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV6) OpenedMachinePortRanges(args params.Entities) (params.OpenMachinePortRangesResults, error)

OpenedMachinePortRanges returns a list of the opened port ranges for the specified machines where each result is broken down by unit. The list of opened ports for each unit is further grouped by endpoint name and includes the subnet CIDRs that belong to the space that each endpoint is bound to.

func (*FirewallerAPIV6) SpaceInfos Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV6) SpaceInfos(args params.SpaceInfosParams) (params.SpaceInfos, error)

SpaceInfos returns a comprehensive representation of either all spaces or a filtered subset of the known spaces and their associated subnet details.

func (*FirewallerAPIV6) WatchSubnets Uses

func (f *FirewallerAPIV6) WatchSubnets(args params.Entities) (params.StringsWatchResult, error)

WatchSubnets returns a new StringsWatcher that watches the specified subnet tags or all tags if no entities are specified.

type State Uses

type State interface {

    ModelUUID() string
    GetMacaroon(entity names.Tag) (*macaroon.Macaroon, error)
    WatchOpenedPorts() state.StringsWatcher
    FindEntity(tag names.Tag) (state.Entity, error)
    FirewallRule(service corefirewall.WellKnownServiceType) (*state.FirewallRule, error)
    AllEndpointBindings() (map[string]map[string]string, error)
    SpaceInfos() (network.SpaceInfos, error)

State provides the subset of global state required by the remote firewaller facade.

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