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package migrationtarget

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/controller/migrationtarget"

This package defines the API facade for use by the migration master worker when interacting with the target controller during a migration.


Package Files

doc.go migrationtarget.go

type API Uses

type API struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

API implements the API required for the model migration master worker when communicating with the target controller.

func NewAPI Uses

func NewAPI(ctx facade.Context, getEnviron stateenvirons.NewEnvironFunc, getCAASBroker stateenvirons.NewCAASBrokerFunc) (*API, error)

NewAPI returns a new API. Accepts a NewEnvironFunc and context.ProviderCallContext for testing purposes.

func NewFacade Uses

func NewFacade(ctx facade.Context) (*API, error)

NewFacade is used for API registration.

func (*API) Abort Uses

func (api *API) Abort(args params.ModelArgs) error

Abort removes the specified model from the database. It is an error to attempt to Abort a model that has a migration mode other than importing.

func (*API) Activate Uses

func (api *API) Activate(args params.ModelArgs) error

Activate sets the migration mode of the model to "none", meaning it is ready for use. It is an error to attempt to Abort a model that has a migration mode other than importing.

func (*API) AdoptResources Uses

func (api *API) AdoptResources(args params.AdoptResourcesArgs) error

AdoptResources asks the cloud provider to update the controller tags for a model's resources. This prevents the resources from being destroyed if the source controller is destroyed after the model is migrated away.

func (*API) CACert Uses

func (api *API) CACert() (params.BytesResult, error)

CACert returns the certificate used to validate the state connection.

func (*API) CheckMachines Uses

func (api *API) CheckMachines(args params.ModelArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

CheckMachines compares the machines in state with the ones reported by the provider and reports any discrepancies.

func (*API) Import Uses

func (api *API) Import(serialized params.SerializedModel) error

Import takes a serialized Juju model, deserializes it, and recreates it in the receiving controller.

func (*API) LatestLogTime Uses

func (api *API) LatestLogTime(args params.ModelArgs) (time.Time, error)

LatestLogTime returns the time of the most recent log record received by the logtransfer endpoint. This can be used as the start point for streaming logs from the source if the transfer was interrupted.

For performance reasons, not every time is tracked, so if the target controller died during the transfer the latest log time might be up to 2 minutes earlier. If the transfer was interrupted in some other way (like the source controller going away or a network partition) the time will be up-to-date.

Log messages are assumed to be sent in time order (which is how debug-log emits them). If that isn't the case then this mechanism can't be used to avoid duplicates when logtransfer is restarted.

Returns the zero time if no logs have been transferred.

func (*API) Prechecks Uses

func (api *API) Prechecks(model params.MigrationModelInfo) error

Prechecks ensure that the target controller is ready to accept a model migration.

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