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package undertaker

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/controller/undertaker"


Package Files

state.go undertaker.go

type Model Uses

type Model interface {

    // Owner returns tag representing the owner of the model.
    // The owner is the user that created the model.
    Owner() names.UserTag

    // Life returns whether the model is Alive, Dying or Dead.
    Life() state.Life

    // ForceDestroyed returns whether the dying/dead model was
    // destroyed with --force. Always false for alive models.
    ForceDestroyed() bool

    // Name returns the human friendly name of the model.
    Name() string

    // UUID returns the universally unique identifier of the model.
    UUID() string

Model defines the needed methods of state.Model for the work of the undertaker API.

type State Uses

type State interface {

    // Model returns the model entity.
    Model() (Model, error)

    // IsController returns true if this state instance has the bootstrap
    // model UUID.
    IsController() bool

    // ProcessDyingModel checks if there are any machines or services left in
    // state. If there are none, the model's life is changed from dying to dead.
    ProcessDyingModel() (err error)

    // RemoveDyingModel sets current model to dead then removes all documents from
    // multi-model collections.
    RemoveDyingModel() error

    // ModelConfig retrieves the model configuration.
    ModelConfig() (*config.Config, error)

    // WatchModelEntityReferences gets a watcher capable of monitoring
    // model entity references changes.
    WatchModelEntityReferences(mUUID string) state.NotifyWatcher

    // ModelUUID returns the model UUID for the model controlled
    // by this state instance.
    ModelUUID() string

State defines the needed methods of state.State for the work of the undertaker API.

type UndertakerAPI Uses

type UndertakerAPI struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

UndertakerAPI implements the API used by the model undertaker worker.

func NewUndertakerAPI Uses

func NewUndertakerAPI(st *state.State, resources facade.Resources, authorizer facade.Authorizer) (*UndertakerAPI, error)

NewUndertakerAPI creates a new instance of the undertaker API.

func (*UndertakerAPI) ModelConfig Uses

func (u *UndertakerAPI) ModelConfig() (params.ModelConfigResult, error)

ModelConfig returns the model's configuration.

func (*UndertakerAPI) ModelInfo Uses

func (u *UndertakerAPI) ModelInfo() (params.UndertakerModelInfoResult, error)

ModelInfo returns information on the model needed by the undertaker worker.

func (*UndertakerAPI) ProcessDyingModel Uses

func (u *UndertakerAPI) ProcessDyingModel() error

ProcessDyingModel checks if a dying model has any machines or applications. If there are none, the model's life is changed from dying to dead.

func (*UndertakerAPI) RemoveModel Uses

func (u *UndertakerAPI) RemoveModel() error

RemoveModel removes any records of this model from Juju.

func (*UndertakerAPI) WatchModelResources Uses

func (u *UndertakerAPI) WatchModelResources() params.NotifyWatchResults

WatchModelResources creates watchers for changes to the lifecycle of an model's machines and services.

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