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package cachedimages

import "github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/cachedimages"


Package Files

cachedimages.go list.go remove.go

func NewListCommand Uses

func NewListCommand() cmd.Command

NewListCommand returns a command for listing chached images.

func NewRemoveCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCommand() cmd.Command

NewRemoveCommand returns a command used to remove cached images.

type CachedImagesCommandBase Uses

type CachedImagesCommandBase struct {

CachedImagesCommandBase is a helper base structure that has a method to get the image manager client.

func (*CachedImagesCommandBase) NewImagesManagerClient Uses

func (c *CachedImagesCommandBase) NewImagesManagerClient() (*imagemanager.Client, error)

NewImagesManagerClient returns a imagemanager client for the root api endpoint that the environment command returns.

type ImageInfo Uses

type ImageInfo struct {
    Kind      string `yaml:"kind" json:"kind"`
    Series    string `yaml:"series" json:"series"`
    Arch      string `yaml:"arch" json:"arch"`
    SourceURL string `yaml:"source-url" json:"source-url"`
    Created   string `yaml:"created" json:"created"`

ImageInfo defines the serialization behaviour of image metadata.

type ListImagesAPI Uses

type ListImagesAPI interface {
    ListImages(kind, series, arch string) ([]params.ImageMetadata, error)
    Close() error

ListImagesAPI defines the imagemanager API methods that the list command uses.

type RemoveImageAPI Uses

type RemoveImageAPI interface {
    DeleteImage(kind, series, arch string) error
    Close() error

RemoveImageAPI defines the imagemanager API methods that the remove command uses.

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