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package firewall

import "github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/firewall"


Package Files

listformatter.go listrules.go setrule.go

func NewListFirewallRulesCommand Uses

func NewListFirewallRulesCommand() cmd.Command

NewListFirewallRulesCommand returns a command to list firewall rules.

func NewSetFirewallRuleCommand Uses

func NewSetFirewallRuleCommand() cmd.Command

NewSetFirewallRuleCommand returns a command to set firewall rules.

type ListFirewallRulesAPI Uses

type ListFirewallRulesAPI interface {
    Close() error
    ListFirewallRules() ([]params.FirewallRule, error)

ListFirewallRulesAPI defines the API methods that the list firewall rules command uses.

type SetFirewallRuleAPI Uses

type SetFirewallRuleAPI interface {
    Close() error
    SetFirewallRule(service string, whiteListCidrs []string) error

SetFirewallRuleAPI defines the API methods that the set firewall rules command uses.

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