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package romulus

import "github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/romulus"


Package Files

api.go resolve.go


var GetMeteringURLForControllerCmd = getMeteringURLForControllerCmdImpl

GetMeteringURLForControllerCmd returns the controller-configured metering URL for a given controller command.

var GetMeteringURLForModelCmd = getMeteringURLForModelCmdImpl

GetMeteringURLForModelCmd returns the controller-configured metering URL for a given model command.

var NewCharmStoreResolverForControllerCmd = newCharmStoreResolverForControllerCmdImpl

NewCharmStoreResolverForControllerCmd creates a new charm store resolver that connects to the controller configured charmstore-url.

type CharmResolver Uses

type CharmResolver interface {
    // Resolve resolves the charm URL.
    Resolve(client *httpbakery.Client, charmURL string) (string, error)

CharmResolver interface defines the functionality to resolve a charm URL.

type CharmStoreResolver Uses

type CharmStoreResolver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CharmStoreResolver implements the CharmResolver interface.

func (*CharmStoreResolver) Resolve Uses

func (r *CharmStoreResolver) Resolve(client *httpbakery.Client, charmURL string) (string, error)

Resolve implements the CharmResolver interface.


budgetPackage budget defines the command used to update budgets.
commandsPackage commands provides functionality for registering all the romulus commands.
listplansThe listplans package contains implementation of the command that can be used to list plans that are available for a charm.
setplanThe setplan package contains the implementation of the juju set-plan command.
slaThe sla package contains the implementation of the juju sla command.

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