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package setmeterstatus

import "github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/setmeterstatus"


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func New Uses

func New() cmd.Command

New creates a new SetMeterStatusCommand.

type SetMeterStatusClient Uses

type SetMeterStatusClient interface {
    SetMeterStatus(tag, status, info string) error
    Close() error

SetMeterStatusClient defines the juju api required by the command.

type SetMeterStatusCommand Uses

type SetMeterStatusCommand struct {
    Tag        names.Tag
    Status     string
    StatusInfo string

SetMeterStatusCommand sets the meter status on an application or unit. Useful for charm authors.

func (*SetMeterStatusCommand) Info Uses

func (c *SetMeterStatusCommand) Info() *cmd.Info

Info implements Command.Info.

func (*SetMeterStatusCommand) Init Uses

func (c *SetMeterStatusCommand) Init(args []string) error

Init reads and verifies the cli arguments for the SetMeterStatusCommand

func (*SetMeterStatusCommand) Run Uses

func (c *SetMeterStatusCommand) Run(ctx *cmd.Context) error

Run implements Command.Run.

func (*SetMeterStatusCommand) SetFlags Uses

func (c *SetMeterStatusCommand) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

SetFlags implements Command.SetFlags.

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