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package user

import "github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/user"

Copyright 2012-2016 Canonical Ltd. Licensed under the AGPLv3, see LICENCE file for details.


Package Files

add.go change_password.go disenable.go info.go list.go login.go logout.go remove.go user.go utils.go whoami.go

func NewAddCommand Uses

func NewAddCommand() cmd.Command

func NewChangePasswordCommand Uses

func NewChangePasswordCommand() cmd.Command

func NewDisableCommand Uses

func NewDisableCommand() cmd.Command

func NewEnableCommand Uses

func NewEnableCommand() cmd.Command

func NewListCommand Uses

func NewListCommand() cmd.Command

func NewLoginCommand Uses

func NewLoginCommand() cmd.Command

NewLoginCommand returns a new cmd.Command to handle "juju login".

func NewLogoutCommand Uses

func NewLogoutCommand() cmd.Command

NewLogoutCommand returns a new cmd.Command to handle "juju logout".

func NewRemoveCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCommand() cmd.Command

NewRemoveCommand constructs a wrapped unexported removeCommand.

func NewShowUserCommand Uses

func NewShowUserCommand() cmd.Command

func NewWhoAmICommand Uses

func NewWhoAmICommand() cmd.Command

NewWhoAmICommand returns a command to print login details.

type AddUserAPI Uses

type AddUserAPI interface {
    AddUser(username, displayName, password string) (names.UserTag, []byte, error)
    Close() error

AddUserAPI defines the usermanager API methods that the add command uses.

type ChangePasswordAPI Uses

type ChangePasswordAPI interface {
    SetPassword(username, password string) error
    ResetPassword(username string) ([]byte, error)
    BestAPIVersion() int
    Close() error

ChangePasswordAPI defines the usermanager API methods that the change password command uses.

type RemoveUserAPI Uses

type RemoveUserAPI interface {
    RemoveUser(username string) error
    Close() error

RemoveUserAPI defines the usermanager API methods that the remove command uses.

type UserInfo Uses

type UserInfo struct {
    Username       string `yaml:"user-name" json:"user-name"`
    DisplayName    string `yaml:"display-name,omitempty" json:"display-name,omitempty"`
    Access         string `yaml:"access" json:"access"`
    DateCreated    string `yaml:"date-created,omitempty" json:"date-created,omitempty"`
    LastConnection string `yaml:"last-connection,omitempty" json:"last-connection,omitempty"`
    Disabled       bool   `yaml:"disabled,omitempty" json:"disabled,omitempty"`

UserInfo defines the serialization behaviour of the user information.

type UserInfoAPI Uses

type UserInfoAPI interface {
    UserInfo([]string, usermanager.IncludeDisabled) ([]params.UserInfo, error)
    Close() error

UserInfoAPI defines the API methods that the info command uses.

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