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package gui

import "github.com/juju/juju/environs/gui"


Package Files

dashboard.go simplestreams.go


const (
    // DefaultBaseURL holds the default simplestreams data source URL from
    // where to retrieve Juju GUI archives.
    DefaultBaseURL = "https://streams.canonical.com/juju/gui"
    // ReleasedStream and DevelStreams hold stream names to use when fetching
    // Juju GUI archives.
    ReleasedStream = "released"
    DevelStream    = "devel"

func DashboardArchiveVersion Uses

func DashboardArchiveVersion(r io.Reader) (version.Number, error)

DashboardArchiveVersion retrieves the Dashboard version from the given tar.bz2 archive reader.

func NewDataSource Uses

func NewDataSource(baseURL string) simplestreams.DataSource

DataSource creates and returns a new simplestreams signed data source for fetching Juju GUI archives, at the given URL.

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    Size   int64  `json:"size"`
    SHA256 string `json:"sha256"`
    Path   string `json:"path"`

    MinJujuVersion   string `json:"min-juju-version"`
    DashboardVersion string `json:"version"`
    // Legacy GUI metadata has juju-version.
    JujuMajorVersion int `json:"juju-version"`

    Version  version.Number           `json:"-"`
    FullPath string                   `json:"-"`
    Source   simplestreams.DataSource `json:"-"`

Metadata is the type used to retrieve GUI archive metadata information from simplestream. Tags for this structure are registered in init().

func FetchMetadata Uses

func FetchMetadata(stream string, major, minor int, sources ...simplestreams.DataSource) ([]*Metadata, error)

FetchMetadata fetches and returns Juju GUI metadata from simplestreams, sorted by version descending.

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