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package gui

import "github.com/juju/juju/environs/gui"


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const (
    // DefaultBaseURL holds the default simplestreams data source URL from
    // where to retrieve Juju GUI archives.
    DefaultBaseURL = "https://streams.canonical.com/juju/gui"
    // ReleasedStream and DevelStreams hold stream names to use when fetching
    // Juju GUI archives.
    ReleasedStream = "released"
    DevelStream    = "devel"

func NewDataSource Uses

func NewDataSource(baseURL string) simplestreams.DataSource

DataSource creates and returns a new simplestreams signed data source for fetching Juju GUI archives, at the given URL.

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    Size   int64  `json:"size"`
    SHA256 string `json:"sha256"`
    Path   string `json:"path"`

    JujuMajorVersion int    `json:"juju-version"`
    StringVersion    string `json:"version"`

    Version  version.Number           `json:"-"`
    FullPath string                   `json:"-"`
    Source   simplestreams.DataSource `json:"-"`

Metadata is the type used to retrieve GUI archive metadata information from simplestream. Tags for this structure are registered in init().

func FetchMetadata Uses

func FetchMetadata(stream string, sources ...simplestreams.DataSource) ([]*Metadata, error)

FetchMetadata fetches and returns Juju GUI metadata from simplestreams, sorted by version descending.

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