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package testing

import "github.com/juju/juju/environs/imagemetadata/testing"


Package Files


func ParseIndexMetadataFromStorage Uses

func ParseIndexMetadataFromStorage(c *gc.C, stor storage.StorageReader) (*simplestreams.IndexMetadata, simplestreams.DataSource)

ParseIndexMetadataFromStorage loads Indices from the specified storage reader.

func ParseMetadataFromDir Uses

func ParseMetadataFromDir(c *gc.C, metadataDir string) []*imagemetadata.ImageMetadata

ParseMetadataFromDir loads ImageMetadata from the specified directory.

func ParseMetadataFromStorage Uses

func ParseMetadataFromStorage(c *gc.C, stor storage.StorageReader) []*imagemetadata.ImageMetadata

ParseMetadataFromStorage loads ImageMetadata from the specified storage reader.

func PatchOfficialDataSources Uses

func PatchOfficialDataSources(s *testing.CleanupSuite, url string)

PatchOfficialDataSources is used by tests. We replace one of the urls with the supplied value and prevent the other from being used.

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