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package feature

import "github.com/juju/juju/feature"

Package feature package defines the names of the current feature flags.


Package Files



const ActionsV2 = "actions-v2"

ActionsV2 enables the next generation actions UX.

const Branches = "branches"

Branches will allow for model branches functionality to be used.

const CharmHubIntegration = "charm-hub"

CharmHubIntegration enables the new commands and functionality related to charm's in CharmHub.

const DeveloperMode = "developer-mode"

DeveloperMode allows access to developer specific commands and behaviour.

const Generations = "generations"

Generations will allow for model generation functionality to be used. This is a deprecated flag name and is synonymous with "branches" above.

const K8sOperators = "k8s-operators"

K8sOperators indicates that it's allowed to deploy charms with mode=operator

const LegacyUpstart = "legacy-upstart"

LegacyUpstart is used to indicate that the version-based init system discovery code (service.VersionInitSystem) should return upstart instead of systemd for vivid and newer.

const LogErrorStack = "log-error-stack"

LogErrorStack is a developer feature flag to have the LoggedErrorStack function in the utils package write out the error stack as defined by the errors package to the logger. The ability to log the error stack is very useful in those error cases where you really don't expect there to be a failure. This means that the developers with this flag set will see the stack trace in the log output, but normal deployments never will.

const MongoDbSSTXN = "mongodb-sstxn"

MongoDbSSTXN tells Juju to use server-side transactions. It does nothing if MongoDbSnap is not also enabled.

const MongoDbSnap = "mongodb-snap"

MongoDbSnap tells Juju to install MongoDB as a snap, rather than installing it from APT.

const RawK8sSpec = "raw-k8s-spec"

RawK8sSpec indicates that it's allowed to set k8s spec using raw yaml format.

const StrictMigration = "strict-migration"

StrictMigration will cause migration to error if there are unexported values for annotations, status, status history, or settings.

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