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package resources

import "github.com/juju/juju/provider/azure/internal/azureresources"

This file is based on code from Azure/azure-sdk-for-go, which is Copyright Microsoft Corporation. See the LICENSE file in this directory for details.


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type ResourcesClient Uses

type ResourcesClient struct {

ResourcesClient wraps resources.Client, providing methods for dealing with generic resources.

NOTE(axw) this wrapper is necessary only to work around an issue in the generated Client, which hard-codes the API version:


When this issue has been resolved, we should drop this code and use the SDK's client directly.

func (ResourcesClient) CreateOrUpdateByID Uses

func (client ResourcesClient) CreateOrUpdateByID(ctx context.Context, resourceID string, parameters resources.GenericResource, apiVersion string) (result resources.CreateOrUpdateByIDFuture, err error)

CreateOrUpdateByID creates a resource.

See: resources.Client.CreateOrUpdateByID.

func (ResourcesClient) GetByID Uses

func (client ResourcesClient) GetByID(ctx context.Context, resourceID, apiVersion string) (result resources.GenericResource, err error)

GetByID gets a resource by ID.

See: resources.Client.GetByID.

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