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package azurestorage

import "github.com/juju/juju/provider/azure/internal/azurestorage"


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type Blob Uses

type Blob interface {
    // Name returns the name of the blob.
    Name() string

    // Properties returns the properties of the blob.
    Properties() storage.BlobProperties

    // DeleteIfExists deletes the given blob from the specified container If the
    // blob is deleted with this call, returns true. Otherwise returns false.
    // See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/storageservices/fileservices/Delete-Blob
    DeleteIfExists(*storage.DeleteBlobOptions) (bool, error)

Blob provides access to an Azure storage blob.

type BlobStorageClient Uses

type BlobStorageClient interface {
    // GetContainerReference returns a Container object for the specified container name.
    GetContainerReference(name string) Container

BlobStorageClient is an interface providing access to Azure blob storage.

This interface the subet of functionality provided by https://godoc.org/github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-for-go/storage#BlobStorageClient that is required by Juju.

type Client Uses

type Client interface {
    // GetBlobService returns a BlobStorageClient which can operate
    // on the blob service of the storage account.
    GetBlobService() BlobStorageClient

Client is an interface providing access to Azure storage services.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(accountName, accountKey, blobServiceBaseURL, apiVersion string, useHTTPS bool) (Client, error)

NewClient returns a Client that is backed by a storage.Client created with storage.NewClient

type Container Uses

type Container interface {
    // Blobs returns the blobs in the container.
    // See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/storageservices/fileservices/List-Blobs
    Blobs() ([]Blob, error)

    // Blob returns a Blob object for the specified blob name.
    Blob(name string) Blob

Container provides access to an Azure storage container.

type NewClientFunc Uses

type NewClientFunc func(
    accountName, accountKey, blobServiceBaseURL, apiVersion string,
    useHTTPS bool,
) (Client, error)

NewClientFunc is the type of the NewClient function.

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