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package azuretesting

import "github.com/juju/juju/provider/azure/internal/azuretesting"


Package Files

recorder.go senders.go storage.go

func RequestRecorder Uses

func RequestRecorder(requests *[]*http.Request) autorest.PrepareDecorator

RequestRecorder returns an autorest.PrepareDecorator that records requests to ghe given slice.

type MockSender Uses

type MockSender struct {

    // PathPattern, if non-empty, is assumed to be a regular expression
    // that must match the request path.
    PathPattern string

MockSender is a wrapper around autorest/mocks.Sender, extending it with request path checking to ease testing.

func NewSenderWithValue Uses

func NewSenderWithValue(v interface{}) *MockSender

NewSenderWithValue returns a *mocks.Sender that marshals the provided object to JSON and sets it as the content. This function will panic if marshalling fails.

func (*MockSender) Do Uses

func (s *MockSender) Do(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

type MockStorageBlob Uses

type MockStorageBlob struct {
    Name_       string
    Properties_ storage.BlobProperties

func (*MockStorageBlob) DeleteIfExists Uses

func (c *MockStorageBlob) DeleteIfExists(opts *storage.DeleteBlobOptions) (bool, error)

func (*MockStorageBlob) Name Uses

func (c *MockStorageBlob) Name() string

func (*MockStorageBlob) Properties Uses

func (c *MockStorageBlob) Properties() storage.BlobProperties

type MockStorageClient Uses

type MockStorageClient struct {
    Containers map[string]azurestorage.Container

func (*MockStorageClient) GetBlobService Uses

func (c *MockStorageClient) GetBlobService() azurestorage.BlobStorageClient

func (*MockStorageClient) GetContainerReference Uses

func (c *MockStorageClient) GetContainerReference(name string) azurestorage.Container

func (*MockStorageClient) NewClient Uses

func (c *MockStorageClient) NewClient(
    accountName, accountKey, blobServiceBaseURL, apiVersion string,
    useHTTPS bool,
) (azurestorage.Client, error)

NewClient exists to satisfy users who want a NewClientFunc.

type MockStorageContainer Uses

type MockStorageContainer struct {
    Blobs_ []azurestorage.Blob

func (*MockStorageContainer) Blob Uses

func (c *MockStorageContainer) Blob(name string) azurestorage.Blob

func (*MockStorageContainer) Blobs Uses

func (c *MockStorageContainer) Blobs() ([]azurestorage.Blob, error)

type Senders Uses

type Senders []autorest.Sender

Senders is a Sender that includes a collection of Senders, which will be called in sequence.

func (*Senders) Do Uses

func (s *Senders) Do(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

type SerialSender Uses

type SerialSender struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SerialSender is a Sender that permits only one active Do call at a time.

func NewSerialSender Uses

func NewSerialSender(s autorest.Sender) *SerialSender

func (*SerialSender) Do Uses

func (s *SerialSender) Do(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

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