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package errorutils

import "github.com/juju/juju/provider/azure/internal/errorutils"


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func CheckForGraphError Uses

func CheckForGraphError(r autorest.Responder) autorest.Responder

CheckForGraphError attempts to unmarshal the body into a GraphError. If this succeeds then the GraphError is returned as an error, otherwise the response is passed on to the next Responder.

func HandleCredentialError Uses

func HandleCredentialError(err error, ctx context.ProviderCallContext) error

HandleCredentialError determines if given error relates to invalid credential. If it is, the credential is invalidated. Original error is returned untouched.

func MaybeInvalidateCredential Uses

func MaybeInvalidateCredential(err error, ctx context.ProviderCallContext) bool

MaybeInvalidateCredential determines if given error is related to authentication/authorisation failures. If an error is related to an invalid credential, then this call will try to invalidate that credential as well.

func ServiceError Uses

func ServiceError(err error) (*azure.ServiceError, bool)

ServiceError returns the *azure.ServiceError underlying the supplied error, if any, and a bool indicating whether one was found.

type GraphError Uses

type GraphError struct {

GraphError is a go error that wraps the graphrbac.GraphError response type, which doesn't implement the error interface.

func AsGraphError Uses

func AsGraphError(err error) *GraphError

AsGraphError returns a GraphError if one is contained within the given error, otherwise it returns nil.

func (*GraphError) Code Uses

func (e *GraphError) Code() string

Code returns the code from the GraphError.

func (*GraphError) Error Uses

func (e *GraphError) Error() string

Error implements the error interface.

func (*GraphError) Message Uses

func (e *GraphError) Message() string

Message returns the message from the GraphError.

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