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package gce

import "github.com/juju/juju/provider/gce"


Package Files

config.go credentials.go disks.go environ.go environ_availzones.go environ_broker.go environ_firewall.go environ_instance.go environ_network.go environ_policy.go gce.go init.go instance.go instance_information.go instancetypes.go provider.go upgrades.go userdata.go

type GCERenderer Uses

type GCERenderer struct{}

func (GCERenderer) Render Uses

func (GCERenderer) Render(cfg cloudinit.CloudConfig, os jujuos.OSType) ([]byte, error)

type IncludeSet Uses

type IncludeSet interface {
    // Include returns whether this item should be included, and
    // crosses it off.
    Include(item string) bool
    // Missing returns any items that haven't been crossed off (as a
    // sorted slice).
    Missing() []string

IncludeSet represents a set of items that can be crossed off once, and when you're finished crossing items off then you can see what's left.



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