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package workers

import "github.com/juju/juju/resource/workers"


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type DataStore Uses

type DataStore interface {
    // SetCharmStoreResources sets the "polled from the charm store"
    // resources for the application to the provided values.
    SetCharmStoreResources(applicationID string, info []charmresource.Resource, lastPolled time.Time) error

DataStore exposes the functionality of Juju state needed here.

type LatestCharmHandler Uses

type LatestCharmHandler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LatestCharmHandler implements apiserver/facades/controller/charmrevisionupdater.LatestCharmHandler.

func NewLatestCharmHandler Uses

func NewLatestCharmHandler(store DataStore) *LatestCharmHandler

NewLatestCharmHandler returns a LatestCharmHandler that uses the given data store.

func (LatestCharmHandler) HandleLatest Uses

func (handler LatestCharmHandler) HandleLatest(applicationID names.ApplicationTag, info charmstore.CharmInfo) error

HandleLatest implements apiserver/facades/controller/charmrevisionupdater.LatestCharmHandler by storing the charm's resources in state.

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