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package upstart

import "github.com/juju/juju/service/upstart"


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const CleanShutdownJob = "" /* 177 byte string literal not displayed */

CleanShutdownJob is added to machines to ensure DHCP-assigned IP addresses are released on shutdown, reboot, or halt. See bug http://pad.lv/1348663 for more info.

const CleanShutdownJobPath = "/etc/init/juju-clean-shutdown.conf"

CleanShutdownJobPath is the full file path where CleanShutdownJob is created.


var (
    InitDir = "/etc/init" // the default init directory name.


func IsRunning Uses

func IsRunning() (bool, error)

IsRunning returns whether or not upstart is the local init system.

func ListCommand Uses

func ListCommand() string

ListCommand returns a command that will list the services on a host.

func ListServices Uses

func ListServices() ([]string, error)

ListServices returns the name of all installed services on the local host.

func Serialize Uses

func Serialize(name string, conf common.Conf) ([]byte, error)

Serialize renders the conf as raw bytes.

type Service Uses

type Service struct {

Service provides visibility into and control over an upstart service.

func NewService Uses

func NewService(name string, conf common.Conf) *Service

func (Service) Conf Uses

func (s Service) Conf() common.Conf

Conf implements service.Service.

func (*Service) Exists Uses

func (s *Service) Exists() (bool, error)

Exists returns whether the service configuration exists in the init directory with the same content that this Service would have if installed.

func (*Service) Install Uses

func (s *Service) Install() error

Install installs and starts the service.

func (*Service) InstallCommands Uses

func (s *Service) InstallCommands() ([]string, error)

InstallCommands returns shell commands to install the service.

func (*Service) Installed Uses

func (s *Service) Installed() (bool, error)

Installed returns whether the service configuration exists in the init directory.

func (Service) Name Uses

func (s Service) Name() string

Name implements service.Service.

func (*Service) Remove Uses

func (s *Service) Remove() error

Remove deletes the service configuration from the init directory.

func (*Service) Restart Uses

func (s *Service) Restart() error

Restart restarts the service.

func (*Service) Running Uses

func (s *Service) Running() (bool, error)

Running returns true if the Service appears to be running.

func (*Service) Start Uses

func (s *Service) Start() error

Start starts the service.

func (*Service) StartCommands Uses

func (s *Service) StartCommands() ([]string, error)

StartCommands returns shell commands to start the service.

func (*Service) Stop Uses

func (s *Service) Stop() error

Stop stops the service.

func (*Service) Validate Uses

func (s *Service) Validate() error

Validate returns an error if the service is not adequately defined.

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