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package statetest

import "github.com/juju/juju/state/statetest"


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type StubPersistence Uses

type StubPersistence struct {

    RunFunc func(jujutxn.TransactionSource) error

    ReturnAll interface{} // homegenous(?) list of doc struct (not pointers)
    ReturnOne interface{} // a doc struct (not a pointer)

    ReturnApplicationExistsOps       []txn.Op
    ReturnIncCharmModifiedVersionOps []txn.Op

func NewStubPersistence Uses

func NewStubPersistence(stub *testing.Stub) *StubPersistence

func (*StubPersistence) All Uses

func (s *StubPersistence) All(collName string, query, docs interface{}) error

func (*StubPersistence) ApplicationExistsOps Uses

func (s *StubPersistence) ApplicationExistsOps(applicationID string) []txn.Op

func (*StubPersistence) IncCharmModifiedVersionOps Uses

func (s *StubPersistence) IncCharmModifiedVersionOps(applicationID string) []txn.Op

func (*StubPersistence) One Uses

func (s *StubPersistence) One(collName, id string, doc interface{}) error

func (*StubPersistence) Run Uses

func (s *StubPersistence) Run(buildTxn jujutxn.TransactionSource) error

func (*StubPersistence) RunTransaction Uses

func (s *StubPersistence) RunTransaction(ops []txn.Op) error

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