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package provider

import "github.com/juju/juju/storage/provider"


Package Files

common.go dirfuncs.go loop.go managedfs.go rootfs.go tmpfs.go utils.go


const (
    // Loop provider types.
    LoopProviderType     = storage.ProviderType("loop")
    HostLoopProviderType = storage.ProviderType("hostloop")
const (
    RootfsProviderType = storage.ProviderType("rootfs")
const (
    TmpfsProviderType = storage.ProviderType("tmpfs")

func CommonStorageProviders Uses

func CommonStorageProviders() storage.ProviderRegistry

CommonStorageProviders returns a storage.ProviderRegistry that contains the common storage providers.

func NewManagedFilesystemSource Uses

func NewManagedFilesystemSource(
    volumeBlockDevices map[names.VolumeTag]storage.BlockDevice,
    filesystems map[names.FilesystemTag]storage.Filesystem,
) storage.FilesystemSource

NewManagedFilesystemSource returns a storage.FilesystemSource that manages filesystems on block devices on the host machine.

The parameters are maps that the caller will update with information about block devices and filesystems created by the source. The caller must not update the maps during calls to the source's methods.

func ValidateConfig Uses

func ValidateConfig(p storage.Provider, cfg *storage.Config) error

ValidateConfig performs storage provider config validation, including any common validation.



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