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package testcharms

import "github.com/juju/juju/testcharms"

Package testcharms holds a corpus of charms for testing.


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var Repo = testing.NewRepo(localCharmRepo, defaultSeries)

Repo provides access to the test charm repository.

func CheckCharmReady Uses

func CheckCharmReady(c *gc.C, charmArchive *charm.CharmArchive)

CheckCharmReady ensures that a desired charm archive exists and has some content.

func InjectFilesToCharmArchive Uses

func InjectFilesToCharmArchive(pathToArchive string, fileContents map[string]string) error

InjectFilesToCharmArchive overwrites the contents of pathToArchive with a new archive containing the original files plus the ones provided in the fileContents map (key: file name, value: file contents).

func RepoForSeries Uses

func RepoForSeries(series string) *testing.Repo

RepoForSeries returns a new charm repository for the specified series. Note: this is a bit weird, as it ignores the series if it's NOT kubernetes and falls back to the default series, which makes this pretty pointless.

func RepoWithSeries Uses

func RepoWithSeries(series string) *testing.Repo

RepoWithSeries returns a new charm repository for the specified series.

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