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package action

import ""


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action.go audit.go clihelper.go clone.go completion.go config.go context.go copy.go delete.go edit.go errors.go find.go fsck.go generate.go git-credential.go git.go grep.go hibp.go history.go init.go insert.go jsonapi.go jsonapi_others.go list.go mount.go move.go otp.go recipients.go show.go sync.go templates.go unclip.go update.go version.go


const (
    // ExitOK means no error (status code 0)
    ExitOK = iota
    // ExitUnknown is used if we can't determine the exact exit cause
    // ExitUsage is used if there was some kind of invocation error
    // ExitAborted is used if the user willingly aborted an action
    // ExitUnsupported is used if an operation is not supported by gopass
    // ExitAlreadyInitialized is used if someone is trying to initialize
    // an already initialized store
    // ExitNotInitialized is used if someone is trying to use an unitialized
    // store
    // ExitGit is used if any git errors are encountered
    // ExitMount is used if a substore mount operation fails
    // ExitNoName is used when no name was provided for a named entry
    // ExitNotFound is used if a requested secret is not found
    // ExitDecrypt is used when reading/decrypting a secret failed
    // ExitEncrypt is used when writing/encrypting of a secret fails
    // ExitList is used when listing the store content fails
    // ExitAudit is used when audit report possible issues
    // ExitFsck is used when the integrity check fails
    // ExitConfig is used when config errors occur
    // ExitRecipients is used when a recipient operation fails
    // ExitIO is used for misc. I/O errors
    // ExitGPG is used for misc. gpg errors
const (
    // BinarySuffix is the suffix that is appended to binaries in the store
    BinarySuffix = ".b64"

func ExitError Uses

func ExitError(ctx context.Context, exitCode int, err error, format string, args ...interface{}) error

ExitError returns a user friendly CLI error

func GetKey Uses

func GetKey(ctx context.Context) string

GetKey returns the value of key or the default (empty string)

func GetRevision Uses

func GetRevision(ctx context.Context) string

GetRevision returns the revison set in this context or an empty string

func HasKey Uses

func HasKey(ctx context.Context) bool

HasKey returns true if the key is set

func HasRevision Uses

func HasRevision(ctx context.Context) bool

HasRevision returns true if a value for revision was set in this context

func IsClip Uses

func IsClip(ctx context.Context) bool

IsClip returns the value of clip or the default (false)

func IsForce Uses

func IsForce(ctx context.Context) bool

IsForce returns the value of force or the default (false)

func IsPasswordOnly Uses

func IsPasswordOnly(ctx context.Context) bool

IsPasswordOnly returns the value of password only or the default (false)

func IsPrintQR Uses

func IsPrintQR(ctx context.Context) bool

IsPrintQR returns the value of print QR or the default (false)

func WithClip Uses

func WithClip(ctx context.Context, clip bool) context.Context

WithClip returns a context with the value for clip (for copy to clipboard) set

func WithForce Uses

func WithForce(ctx context.Context, force bool) context.Context

WithForce returns a context with the value for force set

func WithKey Uses

func WithKey(ctx context.Context, sv string) context.Context

WithKey returns a context with the key set

func WithPasswordOnly Uses

func WithPasswordOnly(ctx context.Context, pw bool) context.Context

WithPasswordOnly returns a context with the value of password only set

func WithPrintQR Uses

func WithPrintQR(ctx context.Context, qr bool) context.Context

WithPrintQR returns a context with the value of print QR set

func WithRevision Uses

func WithRevision(ctx context.Context, rev string) context.Context

WithRevision returns a context withe the value of revision set

type Action Uses

type Action struct {
    Name  string
    Store *root.Store
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Action knows everything to run gopass CLI actions

func New Uses

func New(ctx context.Context, cfg *config.Config, sv semver.Version) (*Action, error)

New returns a new Action wrapper

func (*Action) Audit Uses

func (s *Action) Audit(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Audit validates passwords against common flaws

func (*Action) Clone Uses

func (s *Action) Clone(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Clone will fetch and mount a new password store from a git repo

func (*Action) Complete Uses

func (s *Action) Complete(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context)

Complete prints a list of all password names to os.Stdout

func (*Action) CompleteGenerate Uses

func (s *Action) CompleteGenerate(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context)

CompleteGenerate implements the completion heuristic for the generate command

func (*Action) CompletionBash Uses

func (s *Action) CompletionBash(c *cli.Context) error

CompletionBash returns a bash script used for auto completion

func (*Action) CompletionFish Uses

func (s *Action) CompletionFish(c *cli.Context, a *cli.App) error

CompletionFish returns an autocompletion script for fish

func (*Action) CompletionOpenBSDKsh Uses

func (s *Action) CompletionOpenBSDKsh(c *cli.Context, a *cli.App) error

CompletionOpenBSDKsh returns an OpenBSD ksh script used for auto completion

func (*Action) CompletionZSH Uses

func (s *Action) CompletionZSH(c *cli.Context, a *cli.App) error

CompletionZSH returns a zsh completion script

func (*Action) Config Uses

func (s *Action) Config(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Config handles changes to the gopass configuration

func (*Action) ConfigComplete Uses

func (s *Action) ConfigComplete(c *cli.Context)

ConfigComplete will print the list of valid config keys

func (*Action) ConfirmRecipients Uses

func (s *Action) ConfirmRecipients(ctx context.Context, name string, recipients []string) ([]string, error)

ConfirmRecipients asks the user to confirm a given set of recipients

func (*Action) Copy Uses

func (s *Action) Copy(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Copy the contents of a file to another one

func (*Action) Delete Uses

func (s *Action) Delete(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Delete a secret file with its content

func (*Action) Edit Uses

func (s *Action) Edit(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Edit the content of a password file

func (*Action) Find Uses

func (s *Action) Find(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Find a string in the secret file's name

func (*Action) Fsck Uses

func (s *Action) Fsck(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Fsck checks the store integrity

func (*Action) Generate Uses

func (s *Action) Generate(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Generate and save a password

func (*Action) GitAddRemote Uses

func (s *Action) GitAddRemote(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitAddRemote adds a new git remote

func (*Action) GitCredentialBefore Uses

func (s *Action) GitCredentialBefore(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitCredentialBefore is executed before another git-credential command

func (*Action) GitCredentialConfigure Uses

func (s *Action) GitCredentialConfigure(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitCredentialConfigure configures gopass as git's credential.helper

func (*Action) GitCredentialErase Uses

func (s *Action) GitCredentialErase(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitCredentialErase removes a credential got from git

func (*Action) GitCredentialGet Uses

func (s *Action) GitCredentialGet(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitCredentialGet returns a credential to git

func (*Action) GitCredentialStore Uses

func (s *Action) GitCredentialStore(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitCredentialStore stores a credential got from git

func (*Action) GitInit Uses

func (s *Action) GitInit(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitInit initializes a git repo including basic configuration

func (*Action) GitPull Uses

func (s *Action) GitPull(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitPull pulls from a git remote

func (*Action) GitPush Uses

func (s *Action) GitPush(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitPush pushes to a git remote

func (*Action) GitRemoveRemote Uses

func (s *Action) GitRemoveRemote(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

GitRemoveRemote removes a git remote

func (*Action) Grep Uses

func (s *Action) Grep(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Grep searches a string inside the content of all files

func (*Action) HIBP Uses

func (s *Action) HIBP(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

HIBP compares all entries from the store against the provided SHA1 sum dumps

func (*Action) History Uses

func (s *Action) History(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

History displays the history of a given secret

func (*Action) Init Uses

func (s *Action) Init(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Init a new password store with a first gpg id

func (*Action) InitOnboarding Uses

func (s *Action) InitOnboarding(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

InitOnboarding will invoke the onboarding / setup wizard

func (*Action) Initialized Uses

func (s *Action) Initialized(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Initialized returns an error if the store is not properly prepared.

func (*Action) Insert Uses

func (s *Action) Insert(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Insert a string as content to a secret file

func (*Action) JSONAPI Uses

func (s *Action) JSONAPI(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

JSONAPI reads a json message on stdin and responds on stdout

func (*Action) List Uses

func (s *Action) List(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

List all secrets as a tree. If the filter argument is non-empty display only those that have this prefix

func (*Action) MountAdd Uses

func (s *Action) MountAdd(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

MountAdd adds a new mount

func (*Action) MountRemove Uses

func (s *Action) MountRemove(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

MountRemove removes an existing mount

func (*Action) MountsComplete Uses

func (s *Action) MountsComplete(*cli.Context)

MountsComplete will print a list of existings mount points for bash completion

func (*Action) MountsPrint Uses

func (s *Action) MountsPrint(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

MountsPrint prints all existing mounts

func (*Action) Move Uses

func (s *Action) Move(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Move the content from one secret to another

func (*Action) OTP Uses

func (s *Action) OTP(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

OTP implements OTP token handling for TOTP and HOTP

func (*Action) RecipientsAdd Uses

func (s *Action) RecipientsAdd(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

RecipientsAdd adds new recipients

func (*Action) RecipientsComplete Uses

func (s *Action) RecipientsComplete(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context)

RecipientsComplete will print a list of recipients for bash completion

func (*Action) RecipientsPrint Uses

func (s *Action) RecipientsPrint(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

RecipientsPrint prints all recipients per store

func (*Action) RecipientsRemove Uses

func (s *Action) RecipientsRemove(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

RecipientsRemove removes recipients

func (*Action) RecipientsUpdate Uses

func (s *Action) RecipientsUpdate(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

RecipientsUpdate will recompute and update any changed recipients list checksums

func (*Action) SetupNativeMessaging Uses

func (s *Action) SetupNativeMessaging(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

SetupNativeMessaging sets up manifest for gopass as native messaging host

func (*Action) Show Uses

func (s *Action) Show(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Show the content of a secret file

func (*Action) String Uses

func (s *Action) String() string

String implement fmt.Stringer

func (*Action) Sync Uses

func (s *Action) Sync(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Sync all stores with their remotes

func (*Action) TemplateEdit Uses

func (s *Action) TemplateEdit(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

TemplateEdit will load and existing or new template into an editor

func (*Action) TemplatePrint Uses

func (s *Action) TemplatePrint(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

TemplatePrint will lookup and print a single template

func (*Action) TemplateRemove Uses

func (s *Action) TemplateRemove(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

TemplateRemove will remove a single template

func (*Action) TemplatesComplete Uses

func (s *Action) TemplatesComplete(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context)

TemplatesComplete prints a list of all templates for bash completion

func (*Action) TemplatesPrint Uses

func (s *Action) TemplatesPrint(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

TemplatesPrint will pretty-print a tree of templates

func (*Action) Unclip Uses

func (s *Action) Unclip(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Unclip tries to erase the content of the clipboard

func (*Action) Update Uses

func (s *Action) Update(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Update will start the interactive update assistant

func (*Action) Version Uses

func (s *Action) Version(ctx context.Context, c *cli.Context) error

Version prints the gopass version



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