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package gopass

import ""

Package gopass contains the public gopass API.

WARNING: This package is incomplete and unstable. DO NOT USE!

Feel free to report feedback on API design and missing features but please note that bug reports will be silently ignored and the API WILL CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE until this note is gone.


Package Files

doc.go store.go

type Byter Uses

type Byter interface {
    Bytes() []byte

Byter is a minimal secrets write interface

type Secret Uses

type Secret interface {

    Keys() []string
    // Get returns a single value for that key, use Password() to get the password value.
    Get(key string) (string, bool)
    // Values returns all values for  that key, use Password() to get the password value.
    Values(key string) ([]string, bool)
    // Set sets a single header value, use SetPassword() to set the password value.
    Set(key string, value interface{}) error
    // Add appends the value to that key, use SetPassword() to set the password value.
    Add(key string, value interface{}) error
    // Del removes a single header value
    Del(key string) bool

    // GetBody returns everything except the header. Use Bytes to get everything
    Body() string
    Password() string

Secret is a secret type.

type Store Uses

type Store interface {

    // List all secrets
    List(context.Context) ([]string, error)
    // Get an decrypted secret. Revision defaults to "latest".
    Get(ctx context.Context, name, revision string) (Secret, error)
    // Set (add) a new revision of an secret
    Set(ctx context.Context, name string, sec Byter) error
    // Revisions is TODO
    Revisions(ctx context.Context, name string) ([]string, error)
    // Remove a single secret
    Remove(ctx context.Context, name string) error
    // RemoveAll secrets with a common prefix
    RemoveAll(ctx context.Context, prefix string) error
    // Rename a path (secret of prefix) without decrypting
    Rename(ctx context.Context, src, dest string) error
    // Sync with a remote (if configured)
    // NOTE: We will always auto-sync when mutating the store. Use this to
    // manually pull in changes.
    Sync(ctx context.Context) error
    // Clean up any resources. MUST be called before the process exists.
    Close(ctx context.Context) error

Store is a secret store.



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