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package manifest

import ""


Package Files

manifest.go setup_others.go wrapper.go


var (
    // DefaultBrowser to select when no browser is specified
    DefaultBrowser = "chrome"

    // Name is the name of the manifest
    Name = "com.justwatch.gopass"
var (
    // WrapperName is the name of the gopass wrapper
    WrapperName = ""

func Path Uses

func Path(browser, libpath string, globalInstall bool) (string, error)

Path returns the manifest file path

func Render Uses

func Render(browser, wrapperPath, binPath string, global bool) ([]byte, []byte, error)

Render returns the rendered wrapper and manifest

func ValidBrowser Uses

func ValidBrowser(name string) bool

ValidBrowser returns true if the given browser is supported on this platform

func ValidBrowsers Uses

func ValidBrowsers() []string

ValidBrowsers are all browsers for which the manifest can be currently installed

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