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package pwrules

import ""

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Package Files

aliases.go change.go pwrules.go pwrules_gen.go

func AddCustomAlias Uses

func AddCustomAlias(domain, alias string) error

AddCustomAlias adds a custom alias

func AllAliases Uses

func AllAliases() map[string][]string

AllAliases returns all aliases

func AllRules Uses

func AllRules() map[string]Rule

AllRules returns all rules

func DeleteCustomAlias Uses

func DeleteCustomAlias(domain string) error

DeleteCustomAlias removes a whole domain

func LookupAliases Uses

func LookupAliases(domain string) []string

LookupAliases looks up known aliases for the given domain

func LookupChangeURL Uses

func LookupChangeURL(domain string) string

LookupChangeURL looks up a change URL, either directly or through one of it's know aliases.

func RemoveCustomAlias Uses

func RemoveCustomAlias(domain, alias string) error

RemoveCustomAlias removes a custom alias

type Rule Uses

type Rule struct {
    Minlen    int
    Maxlen    int
    Required  []string
    Allowed   []string
    Maxconsec int
    Exact     bool

Rule is a password rule as defined by Apple at

func LookupRule Uses

func LookupRule(domain string) (Rule, bool)

LookupRule looks up a rule either directly or through one of it's know aliases.

func ParseRule Uses

func ParseRule(in string) Rule

ParseRule parses a password rule. NOTE: This is not a complete parser.

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