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package gptest

import ""


Package Files

integration.go unit.go utils.go

func AllPathsToSlash Uses

func AllPathsToSlash(paths []string) []string

AllPathsToSlash converts a list of paths to their correct platform specific slash representation

type Unit Uses

type Unit struct {
    Entries    []string
    Recipients []string
    Dir        string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Unit is a gopass unit test helper

func NewUnitTester Uses

func NewUnitTester(t *testing.T) *Unit

NewUnitTester creates a new unit test helper

func (Unit) GPConfig Uses

func (u Unit) GPConfig() string

GPConfig returns the gopass config location

func (Unit) GPGHome Uses

func (u Unit) GPGHome() string

GPGHome returns the gopass homedir

func (Unit) InitStore Uses

func (u Unit) InitStore(name string) error

InitStore initializes the test store

func (*Unit) Remove Uses

func (u *Unit) Remove()

Remove removes the test store

func (Unit) StoreDir Uses

func (u Unit) StoreDir(mount string) string

StoreDir returns the password store dir

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