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package mockstore

import ""


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type MockStore Uses

type MockStore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockStore is an mocked store

func New Uses

func New(alias string) *MockStore

New creates a new mock store

func (*MockStore) AddRecipient Uses

func (m *MockStore) AddRecipient(context.Context, string) error

AddRecipient does nothing

func (*MockStore) Alias Uses

func (m *MockStore) Alias() string

Alias does nothing

func (*MockStore) Copy Uses

func (m *MockStore) Copy(ctx context.Context, from string, to string) error

Copy does nothing

func (*MockStore) Crypto Uses

func (m *MockStore) Crypto() backend.Crypto

Crypto does nothing

func (*MockStore) Delete Uses

func (m *MockStore) Delete(ctx context.Context, name string) error

Delete does nothing

func (*MockStore) Equals Uses

func (m *MockStore) Equals(other store.Store) bool

Equals does nothing

func (*MockStore) Exists Uses

func (m *MockStore) Exists(ctx context.Context, name string) bool

Exists does nothing

func (*MockStore) ExportMissingPublicKeys Uses

func (m *MockStore) ExportMissingPublicKeys(context.Context, []string) (bool, error)

ExportMissingPublicKeys does nothing

func (*MockStore) Fsck Uses

func (m *MockStore) Fsck(context.Context, string) error

Fsck does nothing

func (*MockStore) Get Uses

func (m *MockStore) Get(ctx context.Context, name string) (store.Secret, error)

Get does nothing

func (*MockStore) GetRecipients Uses

func (m *MockStore) GetRecipients(context.Context, string) ([]string, error)

GetRecipients does nothing

func (*MockStore) GetRevision Uses

func (m *MockStore) GetRevision(context.Context, string, string) (store.Secret, error)

GetRevision does nothing

func (*MockStore) GetTemplate Uses

func (m *MockStore) GetTemplate(context.Context, string) ([]byte, error)

GetTemplate returns nothing

func (*MockStore) GitInit Uses

func (m *MockStore) GitInit(context.Context, string, string) error

GitInit does nothing

func (*MockStore) HasTemplate Uses

func (m *MockStore) HasTemplate(context.Context, string) bool

HasTemplate returns false

func (*MockStore) ImportMissingPublicKeys Uses

func (m *MockStore) ImportMissingPublicKeys(context.Context) error

ImportMissingPublicKeys does nothing

func (*MockStore) Init Uses

func (m *MockStore) Init(context.Context, string, ...string) error

Init does nothing

func (*MockStore) Initialized Uses

func (m *MockStore) Initialized(context.Context) bool

Initialized does nothing

func (*MockStore) IsDir Uses

func (m *MockStore) IsDir(ctx context.Context, name string) bool

IsDir does nothing

func (*MockStore) List Uses

func (m *MockStore) List(context.Context, string) ([]string, error)

List does nothing

func (*MockStore) ListRevisions Uses

func (m *MockStore) ListRevisions(context.Context, string) ([]backend.Revision, error)

ListRevisions does nothing

func (*MockStore) ListTemplates Uses

func (m *MockStore) ListTemplates(context.Context, string) []string

ListTemplates returns nothing

func (*MockStore) LookupTemplate Uses

func (m *MockStore) LookupTemplate(context.Context, string) ([]byte, bool)

LookupTemplate returns nothing

func (*MockStore) MountPoints Uses

func (m *MockStore) MountPoints() []string

MountPoints does nothing

func (*MockStore) Move Uses

func (m *MockStore) Move(ctx context.Context, from string, to string) error

Move does nothing

func (*MockStore) Path Uses

func (m *MockStore) Path() string

Path does nothing

func (*MockStore) Prune Uses

func (m *MockStore) Prune(context.Context, string) error

Prune does nothing

func (*MockStore) RCS Uses

func (m *MockStore) RCS() backend.RCS

RCS does nothing

func (*MockStore) Recipients Uses

func (m *MockStore) Recipients(context.Context) []string

Recipients does nothing

func (*MockStore) RemoveRecipient Uses

func (m *MockStore) RemoveRecipient(context.Context, string) error

RemoveRecipient does nothing

func (*MockStore) RemoveTemplate Uses

func (m *MockStore) RemoveTemplate(context.Context, string) error

RemoveTemplate does nothing

func (*MockStore) SaveRecipients Uses

func (m *MockStore) SaveRecipients(context.Context) error

SaveRecipients does nothing

func (*MockStore) Set Uses

func (m *MockStore) Set(ctx context.Context, name string, sec store.Secret) error

Set does nothing

func (*MockStore) SetTemplate Uses

func (m *MockStore) SetTemplate(context.Context, string, []byte) error

SetTemplate does nothing

func (*MockStore) Storage Uses

func (m *MockStore) Storage() backend.Storage

Storage does nothing

func (*MockStore) String Uses

func (m *MockStore) String() string

String implements fmt.Stringer

func (*MockStore) TemplateTree Uses

func (m *MockStore) TemplateTree(context.Context) (tree.Tree, error)

TemplateTree does nothing

func (*MockStore) URL Uses

func (m *MockStore) URL() string

URL does nothing

func (*MockStore) Valid Uses

func (m *MockStore) Valid() bool

Valid does nothing

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