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package vocabulary

import "github.com/karan/vocabulary"


Package Files

api_types.go vocabulary.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    BigHugeLabsApiKey string // API key from BigHugeLabs
    WordnikApiKey     string // API key from Wordnik

Config represents the configuration settings.

type Error Uses

type Error string

Error represents an error.

func (Error) Error Uses

func (e Error) Error() string

Error implements the built-in error interface.

type Glosbe Uses

type Glosbe struct {
    Result string            `json:"result"`
    Tuc    []json.RawMessage `json:"tuc"`

type GlosbeMeanings Uses

type GlosbeMeanings struct {
    Things []GlosbeThing `json:"meanings"`

type GlosbePhrase Uses

type GlosbePhrase struct {
    Thing GlosbeThing `json:"phrase"`

type GlosbeThing Uses

type GlosbeThing struct {
    Text string `json:"text"`

type PartOfSpeech Uses

type PartOfSpeech struct {
    POS          string `json:"partOfSpeech"` // The part of speech for the word
    ExampleUsage string `json:"text"`         // An example usage for the word in POS

Represents the part of speech of a word

type UrbanDictResp Uses

type UrbanDictResp struct {
    Things []UrbanDictThing `json:"list"`

type UrbanDictThing Uses

type UrbanDictThing struct {
    Example    string `json:"example"`
    ThumbsUp   int    `json:"thumbs_up"`
    ThumbsDown int    `json:"thumbs_down"`

type Vocabulary Uses

type Vocabulary struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Vocabulary object represents an instance of vocabulary

func New Uses

func New(c *Config) (Vocabulary, error)

New Instantiates a new instance of Vocabulary with the passed config.

func (Vocabulary) Antonyms Uses

func (v Vocabulary) Antonyms(w string) ([]string, error)

Returns a list of strings representing the antonyms of the given word.

func (Vocabulary) Meanings Uses

func (v Vocabulary) Meanings(w string) ([]string, error)

Returns a list of strings representing the meanings of the given word.

func (Vocabulary) PartOfSpeech Uses

func (v Vocabulary) PartOfSpeech(w string) ([]PartOfSpeech, error)

Returns a list of PartOfSpeech structs representing the POS of the given word.

func (Vocabulary) Synonyms Uses

func (v Vocabulary) Synonyms(w string) ([]string, error)

Returns a list of strings representing the synonyms of the given word.

func (Vocabulary) UsageExample Uses

func (v Vocabulary) UsageExample(w string) ([]string, error)

Returns a list of strings representing usage examples of the given word.

func (Vocabulary) Word Uses

func (v Vocabulary) Word(w string) (Word, error)

Creates a new Word object collecting as much information as possible. Requires having all API keys.

type Word Uses

type Word struct {
    Word         string         // The original word in the query
    Meanings     []string       // A list of meanings for this word
    Synonyms     []string       // A list of synonyms for this word
    Antonyms     []string       // A list of antonyms for this word
    PartOfSpeech []PartOfSpeech // A list of part of speech for this word
    UsageExample []string       // A list of sentences showing usage example for the word

Represents a word with all its information



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