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package auth

import "github.com/kasisnu/distribution/registry/client/auth"


Package Files

api_version.go authchallenge.go session.go

func APIVersions Uses

func APIVersions(resp *http.Response, versionHeader string) []APIVersion

APIVersions gets the API versions out of an HTTP response using the provided version header as the key for the HTTP header.

func NewAuthorizer Uses

func NewAuthorizer(manager ChallengeManager, handlers ...AuthenticationHandler) transport.RequestModifier

NewAuthorizer creates an authorizer which can handle multiple authentication schemes. The handlers are tried in order, the higher priority authentication methods should be first. The challengeMap holds a list of challenges for a given root API endpoint (for example "https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/").

func ResponseChallenges Uses

func ResponseChallenges(resp *http.Response) []Challenge

ResponseChallenges returns a list of authorization challenges for the given http Response. Challenges are only checked if the response status code was a 401.

type APIVersion Uses

type APIVersion struct {
    // Type refers to the name of a specific API specification
    // such as "registry"
    Type string

    // Version is the version of the API specification implemented,
    // This may omit the revision number and only include
    // the major and minor version, such as "2.0"
    Version string

APIVersion represents a version of an API including its type and version number.

func ParseAPIVersion Uses

func ParseAPIVersion(versionStr string) APIVersion

ParseAPIVersion parses an API version string into an APIVersion Format (Expected, not enforced): API version string = <API type> '/' <API version> API type = [a-z][a-z0-9]* API version = [0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)? TODO(dmcgowan): Enforce format, add error condition, remove unknown type

func (APIVersion) String Uses

func (v APIVersion) String() string

String returns the string formatted API Version

type AuthenticationHandler Uses

type AuthenticationHandler interface {
    // Scheme returns the scheme as expected from the "WWW-Authenicate" header.
    Scheme() string

    // AuthorizeRequest adds the authorization header to a request (if needed)
    // using the parameters from "WWW-Authenticate" method. The parameters
    // values depend on the scheme.
    AuthorizeRequest(req *http.Request, params map[string]string) error

AuthenticationHandler is an interface for authorizing a request from params from a "WWW-Authenicate" header for a single scheme.

func NewBasicHandler Uses

func NewBasicHandler(creds CredentialStore) AuthenticationHandler

NewBasicHandler creaters a new authentiation handler which adds basic authentication credentials to a request.

func NewTokenHandler Uses

func NewTokenHandler(transport http.RoundTripper, creds CredentialStore, scope string, actions ...string) AuthenticationHandler

NewTokenHandler creates a new AuthenicationHandler which supports fetching tokens from a remote token server.

type Challenge Uses

type Challenge struct {
    // Scheme is the auth-scheme according to RFC 2617
    Scheme string

    // Parameters are the auth-params according to RFC 2617
    Parameters map[string]string

Challenge carries information from a WWW-Authenticate response header. See RFC 2617.

type ChallengeManager Uses

type ChallengeManager interface {
    // GetChallenges returns the challenges for the given
    // endpoint URL.
    GetChallenges(endpoint string) ([]Challenge, error)

    // AddResponse adds the response to the challenge
    // manager. The challenges will be parsed out of
    // the WWW-Authenicate headers and added to the
    // URL which was produced the response. If the
    // response was authorized, any challenges for the
    // endpoint will be cleared.
    AddResponse(resp *http.Response) error

ChallengeManager manages the challenges for endpoints. The challenges are pulled out of HTTP responses. Only responses which expect challenges should be added to the manager, since a non-unauthorized request will be viewed as not requiring challenges.

func NewSimpleChallengeManager Uses

func NewSimpleChallengeManager() ChallengeManager

NewSimpleChallengeManager returns an instance of ChallengeManger which only maps endpoints to challenges based on the responses which have been added the manager. The simple manager will make no attempt to perform requests on the endpoints or cache the responses to a backend.

type CredentialStore Uses

type CredentialStore interface {
    // Basic returns basic auth for the given URL
    Basic(*url.URL) (string, string)

CredentialStore is an interface for getting credentials for a given URL

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