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encode/jsonPackage json encodes a parser.Interface into json.
encode/protoPackage proto encodes a parser.Interface into marshaled protocol buffer.
encode/reflectPackage reflect encodes a parser.Interface into a reflected go structure.
encode/xmlPackage xml encodes a parser.Interface into xml.
genPackage gen contains some internal utilities for code generation
parserCode generated by parser-gen.
parser/debugThe debug package is great for testing and debugging of parser.Interface implementations.
parser/debug/debug-genCommand debug-gen generates some of the code in the debug package.
parser/jsonPackage json contains the implementation of a JSON parser.
parser/parser-genCommand parser-gen generates some of the code in the parser package.
parser/protoPackage proto contains an implementation of a protocol buffer parser.
parser/proto/prototestsPackage prototests contains some structures and values that are useful for testing the protocol buffer parser.
parser/reflectPackage reflect contains an implementation of a parser for a reflected go structure.
parser/xmlPackage xml contains a parser for XML.
relapsePackage relapse contains the relapse validation language and the functions necessary for running it.
relapse/astPackage ast contains the abstract syntax tree for relapse.
relapse/autoPackage auto compiles a parsed relapse grammar into a visual pushdown automaton and executes it.
relapse/bnfPackage bnf contains the bnf (Backus–Naur Form) files for generating the parser, lexer, token and errors package.
relapse/combinatorPackage combinator provides a user friendly way of constructing a relapse abstract syntax tree.
relapse/composeCode generated by compose-gen.
relapse/compose/compose-genCommand compose-gen generates some of the code in the compose package.
relapse/errorsPackage errors is generated from the bnf using gocc.
relapse/funcsCode generated by funcs-gen.
relapse/funcs/funcs-genCommand funcs-gen generates some of the code in the funcs package.
relapse/interpPackage interp contains functions to interpret the grammar.
relapse/lexerPackage lexer is generated from the bnf using gocc.
relapse/memPackage mem contains functions to interpret and memoize the execution of the grammar.
relapse/namePackage name has functions for a parsed name expression which include compilation and evaluation.
relapse/parserPackage parser is mostly generated from the bnf using gocc.
relapse/tokenPackage token is generated from the bnf using gocc.
relapse/typesPackage types contains representations of the relapse types.

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