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package server

import ""

Package server implements the Katzenpost voting authority server.


Package Files

rand.go server.go state.go wire_handler.go


var ErrGenerateOnly = errors.New("server: GenerateOnly set")

ErrGenerateOnly is the error returned when the server initialization terminates due to the `GenerateOnly` debug config option.

type DeterministicRandReader Uses

type DeterministicRandReader struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DeterministicRandReader is a random Reader whose output is a chacha20 keystream.

func NewDeterministicRandReader Uses

func NewDeterministicRandReader(key []byte) (*DeterministicRandReader, error)

NewDeterministicRandReader returns a DeterministicRandReader initialized with key.

func (*DeterministicRandReader) Int63 Uses

func (r *DeterministicRandReader) Int63() int64

Int63 returns a random int64 with most significant bit set to 0.

func (*DeterministicRandReader) Perm Uses

func (r *DeterministicRandReader) Perm(n int) []int

Perm returns the shuffled slice of integers from 0 to n.

func (*DeterministicRandReader) Read Uses

func (r *DeterministicRandReader) Read(data []byte) (int, error)

Read writes the keystream into the passed byteslice and returns the number of bytes written.

func (*DeterministicRandReader) Seed Uses

func (r *DeterministicRandReader) Seed(seed int64)

Seed initializes the DeterministicRandReader with nonce.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server is a voting authority server instance.

func New Uses

func New(cfg *config.Config) (*Server, error)

New returns a new Server instance parameterized with the specific configuration.

func (*Server) IdentityKey Uses

func (s *Server) IdentityKey() *eddsa.PublicKey

IdentityKey returns the running Server's identity public key.

func (*Server) RotateLog Uses

func (s *Server) RotateLog()

RotateLog rotates the log file if logging to a file is enabled.

func (*Server) Shutdown Uses

func (s *Server) Shutdown()

Shutdown cleanly shuts down a given Server instance.

func (*Server) Wait Uses

func (s *Server) Wait()

Wait waits till the server is terminated for any reason.

type SharedRandom Uses

type SharedRandom struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SharedRandom is a container for commit-and-reveal protocol messages

func (*SharedRandom) Commit Uses

func (s *SharedRandom) Commit(epoch uint64) ([]byte, error)

Commit produces a SharedRandom commit value for the given epoch

func (*SharedRandom) GetCommit Uses

func (s *SharedRandom) GetCommit() []byte

GetCommit returns the commit value

func (*SharedRandom) Reveal Uses

func (s *SharedRandom) Reveal() []byte

Reveal returns the reveal value

func (*SharedRandom) SetCommit Uses

func (s *SharedRandom) SetCommit(rawCommit []byte)

SetCommit sets the commit value

func (*SharedRandom) Verify Uses

func (s *SharedRandom) Verify(reveal []byte) bool

Verify checks that the reveal value verifies the commit value


configPackage config implements the Katzenpost voting authority server configuration.

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