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package config

import ""

Package config implements the configuration for catshadow.


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type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    ClientLogging      *config.Logging
    Logging            *config.Logging
    UpstreamProxy      *config.UpstreamProxy
    Debug              *config.Debug
    NonvotingAuthority *config.NonvotingAuthority
    VotingAuthority    *config.VotingAuthority
    Panda              *config.Panda

Config is the top level catshadow configuration.

func Load Uses

func Load(b []byte) (*Config, error)

Load parses and validates the provided buffer b as a config file body and returns the Config.

func LoadFile Uses

func LoadFile(f string) (*Config, error)

LoadFile loads, parses, and validates the provided file and returns the Config.

func (*Config) ClientConfig Uses

func (c *Config) ClientConfig() (*config.Config, error)

func (*Config) InitLogBackend Uses

func (c *Config) InitLogBackend() (*log.Backend, error)

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