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package constants

import ""


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const (
    // ReadInboxLambdaPDivisor is used to divide our LambdaP parameter
    // to determine our new lambda parameter for our poisson process
    // which is used in selecting time intervals between attempting
    // to retreive messages from our remote Provider.
    ReadInboxLambdaPDivisor = 4

    // DoubleRatchetPayloadLength is the length of the payload encrypted by the ratchet.
    DoubleRatchetPayloadLength = common.SpoolPayloadLength - ratchet.DoubleRatchetOverhead

    // MessageExpirationDuration is the duration of time after which messages will be removed.
    MessageExpirationDuration = 168 * time.Hour

    // MessageIDLen is the length of our message IDs which are used the keys in a map
    // to reference individual messages of a conversation.
    MessageIDLen = 4

    // GarbageCollectionInterval is the time interval between garbage collecting
    // old messages.
    GarbageCollectionInterval = 120 * time.Minute

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