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package client

import ""

Package client provides a Katzenpost client library.


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func RegisterClient Uses

func RegisterClient(cfg *config.Config, linkKey *ecdh.PublicKey) error

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client handles sending and receiving messages over the mix network

func New Uses

func New(cfg *config.Config) (*Client, error)

New creates a new Client with the provided configuration.

func (*Client) GetBackendLog Uses

func (c *Client) GetBackendLog() *log.Backend

func (*Client) GetLogger Uses

func (c *Client) GetLogger(name string) *logging.Logger

GetLogger returns a new logger with the given name.

func (*Client) NewSession Uses

func (c *Client) NewSession(linkKey *ecdh.PrivateKey) (*session.Session, error)

NewSession creates and returns a new session or an error.

func (*Client) Provider Uses

func (c *Client) Provider() string

func (*Client) Shutdown Uses

func (c *Client) Shutdown()

Shutdown cleanly shuts down a given Client instance.

func (*Client) Wait Uses

func (c *Client) Wait()

Wait waits till the Client is terminated for any reason.


configPackage config implements the configuration for the Katzenpost client.
internal/pkiclientPackage pkiclient implements a caching wrapper around core/pki.Client.
internal/proxyPackage proxy implements the support for an upstream (outgoing) proxy.

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