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package rand

import ""

Package rand provides various utitilies related to generating cryptographically secure random numbers and byte vectors.


Package Files

math.go rand_linux.go rand_reader.go


var (
    // Reader is a replacement for crypto/rand.Reader.
    Reader io.Reader

func Exp Uses

func Exp(r *rand.Rand, lambda float64) float64

Exp returns a random sample from the exponential distribution characterized by lambda (inverse of the mean).

func ExpQuantile Uses

func ExpQuantile(lambda, p float64) float64

ExpQuantile returns the value at which the the probability of a random value is less than or equal to the given probability for an exponential distribution characterized by lambda.

func NewMath Uses

func NewMath() *rand.Rand

NewMath returns a "cryptographically secure" math/rand.Rand.

func Poisson Uses

func Poisson(r *rand.Rand, lambda float64) int

Poisson returns a random sample from the poisson distribution characterized by lambda (mean).

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